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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Best locations to catch high level Pokémon

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The latest, open world of Generation Nine games has resulted in the looks of many high-level Pokémon in Paldea. Catching these high-level Pokémon is helpful because they could be powerful additions to your party. Moreover, they don’t require as much time or resources to organize a Tera Raid. Here’s our guide to one of the best locations to catch high-level Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

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The best locations to catch high-level Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Alfornado Cave

Located beneath the mountainous town of Alfornada, Alfornada Cave consists of a series of caves that could be explored early. Inside these caves are many high-level Pokémon, including a level 50 dark-type Tera Umbreon. You may meet other interesting Pokémon here, corresponding to Gabite, Shelgon, and Toxtricity.

The location of the Alfornada Cave of the Pokémon Crimson Violet

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Zero area

Nothing unusual, Scarlet and Purplethe most important endgame area incorporates many high-level pokemon. Located within the depths of Paldea’s Great Crater, Ground Zero is home to a wide range of Pokémon as much as level 66. Ground Zero’s distinguishing feature is that it’s the only place where latest Paradox Pokémon can spawn. The high-level Ancient Paradox Pokemon could be present in this location in Scarlet and Future Paradox Pokémon could be found here Purple.

Great Creator Paldea Location Area Zero Pokémon Scarlet Violet High level

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Lake Casseroya

Casseroya Lake is a big body of water positioned in northwestern Paldea where you fight the False Dragon Titan. It also happens to be home to many high-level Pokémon. Some notable Pokémon that could be caught here include Altaria, Dondozo, Gyrados, and Tatsugiri. You may discover a level 55 Fairy Tera-type Azumarill, which is a fantastic entry-type Pokémon for Tera Raids.

The location of Lake Casseoroya Pokémon Scarlet Violet

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Dalizap’s Passage

Dalizap’s Passage is where the highest-level wild Pokémon are found Scarlet and Purple. Inside the passage you’ll be able to fight the extent 75 Ice Tera Lucario with Ice Punch and Meteor Mash. Catching Lucario early is a standard strategy for speedrunners seeking to finish a run Scarlet and Purple as fast as you’ll be able to. Other notable Pokémon present in Dalizap’s Passage include Axew, Bagon, Espathra, Hariyama, Lycanroc, Naclstack, and Scovillain.

Dalizap Passage Tera Lucario Level 75 Location Pokémon Crimson Violet

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Northern Province (area three)

Located on the northern tip of Paldea, the Northern Province (Area Three) is a great place to search out high-level Pokémon in Scarlet and Purple. Chansey, Eiscue, Gastrodon, Hawlucha and Sylveon could be found across the Fairy Crew base. Chansey’s spawn points are especially useful as they could be farmed for quick impressions within the early and mid game.

Northern Province Three Fairy Crew Base Location High level Pokémon Crimson Violet

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Pokémon Scarlett and Pokémon Violet could be purchased from the Nintendo Store.

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