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Valheim mod adds 66 Norse inspired food recipes to the survival RPG

The latest Valheim mod spices up meal time within the Nordic survival game with over 60 latest knowledge-friendly meals that supply a bit more flexibility in eating. The mod draws inspiration from a spread of Norse delicacies and even introduces some references to Norse mythology while remaining in step with the tone of the sport. Offers special meals for all biomes, including the brand new Valheim Mistlands, in addition to several late-game banquet options.

The Valheim Cuisine mod comes from developer XutzBR, who says their mod is designed to “provide a unique approach to meals, especially for those who’re sick of collecting certain items to make sure recipes.” Offering a wider range of crafting options, you will likely have the option to search out something to fit your needs you can get the ingredients for quickly, with options for making more advanced meals for those who’re willing to take a position a bit of more time.

There are recipes built around food present in each of the sport’s biomes, from pork neck soup and wild boar Svid (traditional Icelandic animal head food) within the Meadows to a spread of fish soups and stews designed to reward fishing within the Ocean biome. There are also quite just a few meat-free options for those who prefer to try Valheim’s vegetarian lifestyle.

As you’d expect, each meal offers a spread of bonus health and stamina, in addition to healing. In addition, several offer additional effects, similar to Miner’s Infusion, produced from roots, and the Plains Surtling trophy. Once you reach the Misty Lands, several recipes can even provide you with Eitr, a resource used to make use of Valheim’s magical weapon.

There are broths designed to go together with Dvergr food, and even the choice to create everyone’s favorite Medieval TikTok special, Cream Bastarde (a combination of egg whites, milk, and honey, often served with fruit). If you are wondering where to search out milk in Valheim, it’s actually a latest resource introduced on this mod and dropped by Lox.

There are also legendary recipes that generally take a bit of more work to place together, and would require a special “secret seasoning” to be layered on top of the opposite ingredients. Finally, you may mix multiple meals to create late-game multi-course “banquets” that supply particularly high stats but will lead to reduced movement speed. After all, who desires to run after ending a very large meal?

If you are hungry, test it out Valheim kitchen mod in Nexus Mods.

Valheim Mistlands is here, and we have taken a take a look at the magical, monster-infested mountains from the latest region, so what to anticipate. If you are just getting began, try our Valheim progression guide. We’ve got loads of Valheim constructing tricks to provide help to construct some pretty spectacular locations to serve up all that great latest food you may be cooking.

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