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How To See Who You Follow on Facebook? – Entrepreneurship

Many users might imagine that Facebook is a thing of the past, but that is not true. Facebook continues to be one in every of the top-rated social media platforms on the web. With billions of users, this platform is growing exponentially.

From allowing you to attach with family members to maintaining with celebrities, Facebook is flexible. In addition, Facebook allows users to follow people to maintain up to this point with the content they post.

If you are unsure in regards to the people or Pages you follow on Facebook, this text should clear all of your doubts.

A bit about following on Facebook

Like Instagram and Tiktok, even Facebook (or Meta) permits you to follow other people and pages on their platform.

Generally speaking, you “make friends” on Facebook. So, whenever you follow a Facebook account, it means you’re subscribed to their profile or page. Therefore, at any time when they post recent content, it should appear in your Facebook feed and even in your notifications.

Many novice users need clarification on whether to follow someone and be friends with someone on Facebook. They will not be fundamentally the identical. When you follow someone on Facebook, it does not imply you are their friend.

But for those who follow an individual (especially celebrities), you get access to content that that person shares publicly on their profile or page.

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How to see who you follow on Facebook?

Now that you will have a greater idea of ​​following on Facebook, how do you follow it? It’s not as complicated as you’re thinking that. Finding out who you follow on this app is kind of easy.

Ideally, there are two routes you may take a look at – in your computer and within the mobile app (Android and iOS). In this text, we’ll highlight each steps.

1. For PC

If you employ Facebook in your computer as an alternative of your cell phone, checking out who you follow is easy. Just be certain that you’re logged into your Facebook account along with your credentials.

Once you are on the house page, follow these steps to see who you are following on Facebook:

  • Open your profile, then click the Friends tab. Under this you can see an inventory of all the chums you will have on Facebook.
  • From there, you’ll want to click on “Facebook Follow List”. This will bring up an inventory of all of the people you follow.
  • If you desire to check who’s following you on Facebook, there may be also a “Followers” tab.

Side note: If you do not see the “Following” tab in your profile, then you definitely’re not following anyone individually in your Facebook profile.

2. On Android or iOS

Now just some people use Facebook on their computer. Most of the users come from the fundamental Facebook app available for Android and iOS.

So, if you desire to check who you follow in your Facebook through their app, follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the Facebook app in your Android or iOS device
  • Go to your profile, then click the three-dot menu
  • Below this you can see an inventory of options. Click Activity Log
  • From there, you will need to click on the “Following” tab to see who you are following in your account.

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Can I hide who I follow on Facebook?

Many Facebook users who will not be friends with other people follow their Page or account to maintain up with their account activity.

If you desire to remain inconspicuous and never let anyone know who you’re following, it is feasible and requires a number of tweaks within the settings.

Since Facebook offers a wide range of privacy and security options, it isn’t surprising which you can easily hide who can see who you follow on the social media platform.

Here’s what you’ll want to do:

  • Log in to your Facebook account using your computer or mobile app
  • Once on the newsfeed or home page, go to Settings
  • Underneath this, scroll down until you discover the Audience and Visibility section
  • Tap on “Followers & Public Content”

Once the choices open, click on the suitable options to regulate who can see the pages, people, or accounts you follow on Facebook.

After choosing the suitable option, you may save your recent privacy settings and things needs to be hidden from prying eyes.

How do I stop routinely following people or pages on Facebook?

Let’s assume that you just have not checked out the “Following” tab on Facebook for a very long time. But you notice various recent pages and accounts in your newsfeed. And the weirdest thing is that you just didn’t follow any of those accounts in any respect.

Sounds weird. This can occur when Facebook routinely decides to trace random accounts and pages. This could also be a glitch or bug on Facebook’s side.

If you are bored with noticing irrelevant accounts and pages in your news feed, here’s what you’ll want to do to routinely unfollow people on Facebook:

  • Open the Facebook app and log in to your account along with your credentials
  • Go to Settings after which click on Public Posts
  • Underneath that, click on “Who can follow me.”
  • Select “Friends” from the drop-down list

When you do that, people you do not know won’t give you the option to follow your account or receive updates to your posts. This is a technique to block third parties or outsiders and others from following your Facebook account.

Is it protected to follow unknown people on Facebook?

If you are fearful about following people you do not know on Facebook, that is a subjective experience. Ideally, you must follow protected and reliable sites which are very fashionable.

Also, when individual accounts, be certain that they’re people you no less than find out about. The last item you desire to do is follow someone who posts random and fraudulent links, resulting in your account being hacked.


The Follow on Facebook option is a fantastic technique to sustain with others or organize your newsfeed with relevant content without having so as to add someone to your pals list. However, on occasion you’ll want to check who you’re following and rearrange things in response to your preferences. We hope this text comprises all the data you’ll want to resolve this issue.

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