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Cruises in Europe – The Best 7-Nights European Cruises

There is a lot to see in Europe! From the fjords of Norway to the beaches of Greece or the canals of Amsterdam, select your favourite! Unfortunately, for many of us time is a limited resource. Cruises in Europe are the proper solution: a option to get to know the flavors of many countries and destinations – multi functional go. You’d be surprised how much you may slot in 7 days. Whether it’s Spain, Norway, Budapest or Greece, listed below are 4 different options that provide something special for those seeking to immerse themselves in a European cruise.

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4 Cruises in Europe – Which is your favourite?

Virgin Voyages – French Daze and Ibiza Nights

Virgin Voyages is the brand new kid in the world, with cruises not starting until 2021. These adults-only cruises offer the very best onboard activities, dinners and entertainment. Expect extravagant performances and parties with dangerous themes like drag queen bingo and sex therapy cabaret show. Sometimes you would possibly even need to get off the boat!

Virgin Voyages provides the very best big ship experience and is amazingly hospitable as one of the gay friendly cruises within the tourism industry. They offer a variety of cruises, but French Daze and Ibiza Nights is considered one of their best, a 7-night cruise in Western European waters.

Departing from the favored holiday destination of Barcelona, ​​he first calls at Marseille – affectionately often called the French crossroads. The second largest city in France, its medieval atmosphere is the proper introduction to French culture. On the third day, it would take you to the wonderful French city of Cannes, with its designer bars and fashion shops. On day 4, you sail to the Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca. You can spend two days exploring the vigorous island, visiting an area winery and in fact hitting the beach.

Finally, the cruise will arrive within the ever-popular Ibiza, where you may take in the sun for 2 days or benefit from the island’s (in)famous nightlife before returning to Barcelona. Just be certain you get back to the boat in time!

Ibiza – Photo by Jose Manuel Alabarce Paez from Pixabay

Celebrity – Norwegian Fjords

If you do not mind the cold, why not discover the wonders of the north on a Celebrity Cruise Line 7-day Norwegian fjord cruise. Celebrity claims to be probably the greatest cruise lines in operation and has the evidence to prove it by winning Travel Weekly’s 2020 Best Cruise Line in Europe award. What’s more, it is a family-friendly option that provides luxury excursions on well-designed boats at reasonable prices.

The Norwegian fjord cruise begins within the legendary capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Affectionately often called the “Venice of the North”, its historic canals, iconic architecture and wealth of museums make it value exploring before you even board a ship. We spend the primary day at sea, using the ship’s facilities. Take a break from the cold in a luxury ship spa as you sail deep into northern Europe before finally arriving in Haugesund, Norway.

Haugesund is a picturesque city surrounded by impressive mountains and delightful, rugged landscapes. The cruise continues along the deepest and longest fjord on the earth, anchoring in charming Norwegian towns and at last in town of Bergen – a former Viking stronghold! On this unique cruise, expect cascading waterfalls, glacial lakes, and towering snow-capped mountains in a lost world of serenity.

The Norwegian fjords offer one of the best scenery for a European cruise
Cruise through the amazing Norwegian fjords

Vikings – Cruise on the Danube

European voyages shouldn’t have to be limited to the ocean. The Danube flows through often neglected parts of Europe where the ocean doesn’t reach and provides you the chance to see 4 countries and three capitals in only 7 nights. Viking is considered one of the various cruise lines offering this river option, but what makes them so special is how focused they’re on purpose. Not only does a Danube cruise provide tours and targeted cultural activities at each port, even the food onboard adapts to your destination.

The Danube River Cruise begins in Hungary’s capital, Budapest, often called the “Paris of the East” for its stunning beauty – especially the river lit up at night – and vibrant culture. From one capital to a different, the following port is Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia – a city of baroque palaces surrounded by one of the epic castles on the earth. The cruise then reaches the third capital in only three nights: Vienna – where you may admire impressive architecture, great music, good coffee and a wealth of gardens and parks. The second half of the cruise takes you thru the remainder of Austria, visiting the monastery and at last the ports of Passau – considered one of the oldest cities in Germany.

Cruise Europe - cruise on the Danube through Vienna
Vienna – Photo by falko from Pixabay

Variety of cruises – Jewels of the Cyclades

Cruises will also be a very good opportunity to sink your teeth into the climate of 1 country, visiting many destinations. Greece is a treasure trove of paradise islands and destinations best viewed from the ocean, and Variety Cruises provides a smaller ship for this, while also providing a more intimate experience not found on larger cruise lines. What’s more, being on such a smaller ship creates a neater atmosphere to fulfill other mates and luxuriate in trips inland in a tight-knit group.

In addition to a reputation that seems like an Indiana Jones movie, the Jewels of the Cyclades cruise showcases a few of the very best islands in Greece. Departing from the traditional Greek capital of Athens, it consists of a circular route anchored at each the more famous islands resembling Poros or Mykonos and a few lesser-known gems resembling Folegandros.

All of the islands have Greek white sandy beaches and clear azure waters, but still boast their very own distinct personality. One night you may swim in a captivating bay off the coast of Paros, the following benefit from the view of Santorini, and the following party in Mykonos. The cruise ends appropriately by arriving in Athens, next to the temple of Poseidon, god of the seas, saying goodbye and – almost definitely – planning the following cruise.

Athens is the starting point for most Greek island cruises.
Athens – Photo by Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay


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