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How to earn a living by being a cuddler

Do you want to point out affection by embracing family and friends in hugs? Have you ever considered turning your tactile generosity into money by becoming an expert cuddler?

Probably not.

Well, we’re here to inform you that that is indeed a job description and is perhaps value investigating.

Let’s see.

What is a Professional Hugger?

Senior couple talking and cuddling on the couch with cups of tea

Exactly because the name suggests, an expert cuddler is someone who offers their clients cuddling/hugging/hugging services in exchange for money.

Purely platonic

While it probably sounds a bit lascivious, the primary and most vital rule of being an expert cuddler is that things remain purely platonic in any respect times.

The rules are clear – no nudity, no touching the cuddly toy in places covered with underwear, no distasteful courtship.

In other words, it is not about giving customers a savory experience, quite a comforting one.

This applies to each aspect of your enterprise. For example, your favorite workwear can be a pair of super soft and comfy pajamas. your office? The most comfortable couch, bed and/or mattress yow will discover. Your sales offer? The saving goodness of a loving embrace.

You can be surprised what number of individuals are willing to pay really good money for something that could appear quite mundane to you!

Where does the rise in popularity of skilled cuddling come from?

A man hugging a woman on the couch

The obvious fact is that we live in a time where loneliness is considered one of the deadliest epidemics.

It seems that with the worldwide shift away from rural existence to life based on economic opportunity in urban environments, we’ve got sacrificed our ability to attach with our family members. Long hours on the office, grueling commutes, and a concentrate on survival have put “attending to know your neighbors” at the underside of our priority list.

If you’ve got a partner, spouse, roommate, or live-in family, this disconnection will not be entirely terrible. However, for individuals who live alone, this often means weeks go by without meaningful conversation or the comfort of a mild touch.

While the previous is bad enough, it is not entirely unfixable – should you’re desperate enough, you possibly can all the time bite off the ear of a bartender at your local pub, a waiter at your favorite coffee shop, and even the doorman at your apartment.

However, “skin hunger” (a term used for being touchless) is more of a challenge because most individuals probably would not be too kind to a hug – out of nowhere – from a desperate stranger.

The advantages of touch

Either way, there is no escaping the proven fact that with the ability to share some type of physical touch is totally essential to our well-being as a species.

Here are only a number of of the scientifically proven advantages of human touch:

Touch as a commodity

It all comes right down to the proven fact that there are more people than ever before suffering emotionally, physically and mentally from the sheer lack of touch.

Hence the emergence of a newfangled form of therapist called a cuddler.

As with some other type of therapy, cuddling begins with a consultation, during which the cuddly person determines what form of therapy the cuddled person needs.

Some people could want an extended hug, while others crave being a “spoon” while napping. Some cuddles even offer the choice to cuddle while watching a movie chosen by cuddles.

The options are truly infinite!

Ways of acting as an expert cuddly toy

Happy man hugging a woman on the couch

So, should you’re the physically affectionate type, being an expert cuddler might seem to be a dream job for you.

However, before you begin promoting your services on Gumtree, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Do some thorough research on the cuddling industry and see if it’s really for you
  • Sign up for International accredited Cuddle Professionals course turn out to be a talented cuddler and equip yourself with the abilities you would like
  • Decide how you ought to run your enterprise. We have listed a number of options below.

Register with the agency

If you should not sure whether to start out a profession as a cuddly on your personal, you possibly can all the time work through an agency.

Currently, BeCudled is one of the best skilled cuddle agency within the UK and offers a variety of advantages to those that enroll, including:

  • training and support
  • marketing and promotion
  • BeCuddler’s profile
  • skilled freedom to work when and where you wish

All things considered, that is an excellent place to start out as you’ve got a base to work with and more experienced cuddlers to network with and learn from.

Open a hug cafe

If you’ve got a penchant for hospitality, why not mix it together with your cuddling skills? The concept of the ‘cuddle cafe’ was born in Japan – where customers can order a selected form of cuddling from the menu, from a 20-minute nap to an overnight rest within the arms of a comforting stranger. In addition to the large upfront fee, customers can be billed based on the time spent within the coffee shop.

Nothing prefer it seems to exist within the UK up to now, so why not be a pioneer?

Work independently

Finally, you possibly can go completely your personal way and begin a cuddling business from home:

  • Designate a special cuddling room/area and make it as cozy as possible
  • Develop a “menu” of cuddles you possibly can offer and specify how long each will take
  • Set up a web site where people could make reservations
  • Advertise your services – If you are nervous about exposing yourself to something like Gumtree, try letting your mates and family know first.

Just make sure that you’ve got a really rigorous customer screening process – possibly you may arrange coffee in a public place beforehand, and in addition each time you’ve got a customer at home, you’ll need a second person at home. Safety first!

How much are you able to earn

The woman caresses the man's face while he puts his head on her lap

If you create a profile with BeCudled, you might be guaranteed an income of £25 per session hour plus £10 per hour of travel to the client, paid directly by the client.

As you gain experience and turn out to be more confident, you possibly can start charging more – as much as £65 per hour.

Case study: Kitty Mansfield

Kitty Mansfield

Kitty Mansfield

Holistic therapist and founding father of BeCudled, Kitty Mansfield is undoubtedly the pioneer of cuddling as therapy within the UK.

Starting out as a masseuse, she often felt that while clients’ pains were being relieved, some emotional piece of the puzzle was still missing.

Eventually, she realized it could ease the long-term touch, so she arrange BeSnuggled.co.uk to market her services and explain her concept.

Although it took some time for her to achieve momentum, she soon found herself exhausted and decided to expand by taking extra cuddles on board and founding BeCuddled. Today, the primary skilled cuddling agency in Europe.

To ensure maximum comfort for everybody, they provide huggers and cuddlers the chance to shoot with male, female or LGBTQ partners. While some people don’t have any particular preference, others crave a certain form of touch.

Part of Mansfield’s success can undoubtedly be attributed to the strict rules and regulations that underlie its operations, which make everyone involved feel protected, cozy and protected.

Are you taken with this chance? If so, you may additionally be taken with making a living by being friends.

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