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What to do if you feel unmotivated: my 3 favorite suggestions

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last endlessly. Well, neither does a shower – that is why we recommend it on daily basis.”
Zig Ziglar

Some days you get up motivated and able to go.

Some days every part feels heavy and it’s hard to maneuver and find that inner drive.

On the technique to what you would like, there are sometimes roadblocks, plateaus, and valleys where you may crash. Or wander off within the rut.

And you’re feeling that your motivation has flown away.

So today I might similar to to share three of my favorite and in my experience essentially the most effective ways to search out that motivation again.

1. Do a 10-minute charging exercise.

Here’s how one can do that motivational exercise.

Sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • What will my life seem like in 5 years if I proceed on the identical path as now?
  • How is life more likely to worsen for me, and possibly even for those around me?

This could also be inconvenient, but attempt to see the negative consequences as clearly as possible to spur your motivation to make this positive change.

Then ask yourself:

  • What will my life be like in 1 12 months if I keep on with this and proceed this modification? What will it seem like in 5 years?
  • How will life change not just for me but for the people I really like if I keep on with this?

With these two sets of questions, try not only to see the long run as clearly and vividly as you may, but in addition to search out your individual very personal reason(s) for making the change.

For example, getting in higher shape can assist you change into more optimistic and energetic. It’s great.

But to essentially find the core of your motivation, search for a couple of more minutes for a more personal response.

The answer could also be that you would like to make this modification in your health because for those who don’t, it’s possible you’ll not have the energy to play and play as much as you would like along with your son when he’s young. And when he grows up, it’s possible you’ll be too drained from work to spend time with him on daily basis.

If you would like to change your financial habits, it might be because you have all the time dreamed of seeing the pyramids in Egypt or visiting the Maldives with the person you like most on this planet.

Write down these deepest reasons on a chunk of paper and put this note in a spot where you can not avoid it on daily basis.

2. Let the motivation that shines in other people flow to you.

Another great technique to supercharge your motivation is to easily use the motivational energy and perspectives of other people.

So consult with the people in your life about their dreams and what they feel most motivated to do of their lives.

But do not feel limited to only people you recognize in real life.

I often recharge my motivation by listening to a bit of audiobook excerpt from Brian Tracy or Wayne Dyer. Or I can watch a YouTube video by Ali Abdaal or Matt D’Avelli. Or read a chapter in a book on my Kindle.

In my experience, taking just 5 or 10 minutes to do this may fairly often change your mood and mindset and rekindle your motivation.

3. Just start and get motivated.

Sometimes the 2 suggestions above may not work as well despite being very powerful.

What are you able to do then?

Well, you may take a break and recharge your batteries because sometimes you only need it.

Or you may do what I often do when I actually have an uninspiring morning.

And so I start, despite the shortage of internal motivation.

I do that by taking a small step forward and focusing only on taking that one step. For example, I would tell myself that I’ll be working on a latest article or editing a part of something I’m creating for 3 minutes.

Once it’s over, I take one other small step and just deal with it until it’s done.

At first, doing this task may not seem fun or interesting, nevertheless it’s only a small step I would like to take to make it acceptable.

Things don’t remain that way.

The next step appears to be a bit easier, and possibly even a bit of fun.

And step-by-step the motivation catches up with me and I start having fun and really having fun with what I’m doing.

Most likely, you won’t feel motivated on daily basis. It’s good.

And so you may start step-by-step, and shortly the motivation will start catching up with you.

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