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Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Cal Kestis wants a game non-fans can enjoy

Star Wars Jedi Survivor actor Cal Kestis Cameron Monaghan explains how the upcoming action-adventure from Respawn and publisher EA – which follows Cal into maturity and a much darker period for the Jedi – has a story that is supposed to succeed in gamers as well. who’ve never read or seen anything related to Star Wars as we await the Fallen Order sequel and Jedi Survivor release date.

Set five years after Star Wars Fallen Order, Jedi Survivor runs essentially parallel to the TV series Obi-Wan Kenobi because the Galactic Empire consolidates its power, forcing Cal into an uphill battle for survival. Monaghan, who previously starred within the Batman-related TV series Gotham, discusses the darker tone of Jedi Survivor.

“The Star Wars galaxy is in an especially dark spot presently,” Monaghan tells Game Informer. “The Jedi’s situation has never been worse than Cala’s. I feel Cal is at this point where he even questions what it’s like he should proceed and what his next move must be. In our first story, we had someone who was a boy turn right into a man. There’s no safety net.”

Despite these connections to the broader Star Wars universe, Monaghan also explains how Jedi Survivor’s storyline and Cal Kestis’ ongoing story were written to appeal to fans outside of Star Wars as well – the broader lore is out there to those that want it, however the game works dramatically by itself terms.

“It’s this two-sided thing,” continues Monaghan. “You have this set lore and character and canon and also you’re very enthusiastic about it and also you like it but at the tip of the day it’s [the plot of Jedi Survivor] it must exist and be satisfying and interesting regardless. You want them to have the ability to interact with one another and have a mutual game.

“But it is usually been necessary to me to maintain the drama, the stakes, and the characters clear in our stories, whether or not you understand anything beyond that. And I need anyone who’s never seen a Star Wars movie or read a Star Wars story to have the ability to leap into it, play it, and still get the hang of it. And then, if you’ve gotten more experience and understanding, you’ll only have a deeper understanding of much of what is happening here.

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