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Recent Rocket Pro TPO VP on broker goals

Fawaz spoke to Mortgage Professional America about his recent role in a phone interview. In particular, he explained how he’s willing to assist the brokerage community face the challenges of inflation.

“In my opinion, the change is a change of title,” he said. “As far as Rocket Pro TPO is targeted on, nothing will change. This isn’t an summary of our business. It’s only a change of names and roles, but our mission is to proceed to strive to construct stronger relationships with our brokers in 2023 and grow along with the broker community in 2023.”

Getting to know the broker community

Preparing for the brand new role takes no less than two years, Fawaz suggested, “I’ve spent a variety of time on the road over the past few years, meeting with 1000’s of brokers across the country, whether or not they were Rocket Pro TPO partners or not, and I personally I experienced what the brokerage community is like – how they construct their businesses, what they undergo on a every day basis,” he said.

He said that by traveling so many miles, strong bonds were formed. “I’ve built amazing relationships along the best way,” he said. “I all the time say that our relationship begins as a partnership, but step by step grows into friendship, a more familiar and familiar atmosphere. For me, what matters most is people, and above all people. In my recent role, I’ll proceed to be with the brokerage community; I’ll proceed to tour with brokerage partners and proceed to work together as I reflect on what 2023 is all about and the way we grow to be stronger in 2023.”

Even before his appointment, the corporate had launched several programs designed to not only increase access to loans for consumers, but additionally to assist brokers with recent products and offers to secure customers. Just last week, Rocket Mortgage launched Purchase Plus – a special credit program designed to enhance access to home ownership in half a dozen underserved communities – offering as much as $7,500 in credits for first-time home buyers to make use of towards mortgage costs. For now, the initiative will deal with six test cities with large consumer groups which have been underserved prior to now: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis and Philadelphia.

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