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No mess in ’23

“I actually have much less stress in my life and more self-control. Most importantly, I’m becoming increasingly just like the mom and wife I need to be.”— Caryn Seney

Becoming Minimalist is a web site that reaches people from all walks of life – those that live a minimalist lifestyle, those that are only discovering it, and people who are within the means of achieving it.

I actually have spoken to a lot of you and sent e-mails. And I do know that for some this process is simpler than for others.

Many of you reading this blog need to live a minimalist life, but struggle to achieve this. You need to have less, but you do not know where to start out.

For this reason, I created Uncluttered especially for you.


Uncluttered is a 12-week online course designed specifically to allow you to have less, live more, and discover the life you’ve got all the time dreamed of. And I’m proud to say that it’s probably essentially the most effective housekeeping program on the Internet.

75,000 people around the globe have used these principles to prepare their homes and lives. You can also.

I only offer the course 3 times a yr and I can not wait to start out the New Year’s edition in only two weeks.

But registration closes on Sunday, January 15.

The course includes…

  • Videos with step-by-step instructions
  • Interviews with the leaders of productivity and minimalism
  • Live webinars on specific clutter-related topics
  • Live Q&A for members to ask me questions weekly
  • Easy-to-learn weekly cleanup challenges
  • And perhaps better of all: responsibility and encouragement from a really committed community

Every Monday you receive a video from me, an exclusive interview with one in all the brightest minds of the simplicity movement and/or texts prepared exclusively for the course. You’ll get a weekly challenge to finish at your convenience and opportunities to interact with the community in a non-public Facebook group. You may also interact with me directly through live webinars and live Q&A opportunities.

The course offers every little thing a book or blog post doesn’t offer: community, accountability, and the chance to ask questions.

“I got rather more out of this course than I expected. And it was one of the best online group I’ve ever handled.” — Rose K. Lebanon, NH


The course will start on Tuesday, January 17. Registration is now openbut ends on January fifteenth.

The cost is $99.

I’m personally involved in every aspect of the course. Helping people live more with less is what I’m captivated with. I run webinars. I answer questions within the Facebook group. I do live video chats. I understood how essential community, responsibility and constant encouragement are to people. And I’m working hard to create that culture for Uncluttered Course.

When you join Uncluttered, you get lifetime access to the course.This means you’ll be able to take it as over and over as you would like (or need). I do know life could be busy and unexpected things can occur at any time. But we’re here to allow you to succeed. And must you ever need to repeat a course or simply refresh yourself, you may be welcomed back.

Stop letting guilt and overwhelm get in your way. The house you would like is lower than 12 weeks away.

If you are able to finally claim victory in your messy journey, the time has come.

visit Clear join us.

Frequently asked questions

There are just a few questions I get each time I offer a course. Let me take a moment to reply just a few of them. I feel you’ll like this:

Do I have to be available at certain times and days?

No. The material is released weekly on Monday mornings. Participants log in at their convenience to observe the footage and begin the weekly challenge.

There are three live webinars throughout the course – but even these are recorded and made available immediately after for individuals who cannot attend the live event.

Can I work at my very own pace?

Yes. Anyone who signs up for Uncluttered gets lifetime access. I wish you all success on this process. If for any reason you fall behind, training materials shall be ready if you find yourself able to proceed or start over.

How much time do you wish for every week?

Plan 20-Half-hour for prepared material each week (video + short reading).

The time it takes for every Weekly Clean Up Challenge varies barely depending on the week and the way much you would like/need to wash up. Schedule 2-4 hours of cleansing each week to see significant results.

Is Facebook required to take part in the course?

No. All training materials are on the Uncluttered website and weekly emails introduce the subject/challenge of every week. Facebook is a priceless a part of the course to speak and socialize with other participants, but shouldn’t be required.

What if my family shouldn’t be on board?

First of all, you usually are not alone. This is one of the vital common situations for people taking a course, and I’ll provide many talks and resources to allow you to with this – including a webinar with specific ideas, a kid’s book, and a discussion guide for couples.

However, please note that enrolling on this course won’t mechanically change your spouse, partner or child. I challenge you to start out together with your own things first and lead with love, grace, and patience as we draw others into this journey of getting less.

Other questions?

I’ll be pleased to reply them within the comments section below.

Either way, if it’s essential to take that step and are able to make changes to your own home to search out more peace, quiet, money and time… join me for the subsequent Uncluttered edition.

I can not wait to personally allow you to win. Join the uncluttered community today.

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