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‘Donate what you may’: Making the humanities more cost-effective

Thousands of give what you may tickets are being organized for events across London throughout the cost of living crisis. Organized by The London Ticket Bank, it’s a joint initiative with Cardboard Citizens. In partnership with a few of London’s leading cultural organisations, they provide inexpensive tickets to those that otherwise may not have the opportunity to have interaction with culture.

With music, dance, theater and comedy events, The London Ticket Bank’s existing partners include among the leading cultural organizations across the capital, with more to be announced in early 2023.


London Ticket Bank provides low-cost/free tickets to individuals who face barriers to accessing culture. This is just one in every of the ways the Cultural Philanthropy Foundation promotes the democratization of culture. Donations of all sizes help perform this vital work. Tickets for the London Ticket Bank are provided by cultural organizations but their administration costs around 78p.

£10.00 could make 12 tickets available, £20.00 could make 25 tickets available, £50.00 could make 64 tickets available and £100 could offer 128 tickets to those that otherwise would not be can afford it.


Both mainstream charity partners and cultural organizations can work with The London Ticket Bank. They share access codes to offer to people you’re employed with who would really like to access culture across the capital. These codes might be used to book tickets through the event listings on their site.

You can even have the opportunity to donate unsold tickets to scheduled events to those that will profit most from it. Just allow them to know what you’ve got available and they’ll donate that chance to charities. This is completed using a special access code. Cultural partners may offer Ticket Bank access to their very own information programs on people affected by the fee of living crisis.

London Ticket Bank shouldn’t be the primary scheme to supply subsidized or discounted tickets to shows and events. Organizations like Mousetrap Foundation, Good tickets, FanzClub, Black ticket designand Audience Clubthey’ve created vital cultural access points across the UK.

London Ticket Bank was established in direct response to the fee of living crisis. It also shows an understanding of how increased deprivation directly affects cultural participation.

The January 22 and March DCMS Participation Survey found that the gap in participation between probably the most and least needy segments is widening. It has increased from 6.4% to 7.2% and unfortunately will proceed to grow.

Click here to learn more and participate.

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