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Back and Neck Stretching Exercises

To stay in good physical condition, do back and neck stretching exercises to alleviate stress and pain.

Back and neck stretching exercises

Last actualisation: January 05, 2023

It is essential that you just keep your back and neck in optimal condition. Your back is chargeable for supporting your torso and allowing movement and your neck it connects the top to the chest through many alternative structures. That’s why we prepared these back and neck stretching exercises for youto maintain these areas of the body in optimal condition.

It is common for the back and neck to feel discomfort, as a consequence of poor posture, lack of exercise, stress or muscle overload. Exercise might help prevent and manage all types of ailments. You may also achieve muscle leisure by releasing physical tension.

It’s vital to first rule out any possible injuries with a trusted doctor.

This series of exercises will be done within the comfort of your individual home. It could be best to practice them repeatedlyOnce or twice a day.

Back and neck stretching exercises


  1. Start by spreading your legs apart and lengthening your arms.
  2. Then, lean your body forward together with your arms prolonged perpendicular to the ground, that’s, with one hand above your head and the opposite touching the middle of the ground between your legs.
  3. You must have your body turned to 1 side. Repeat the exercise on the opposite side, changing the support arm.


  1. Start by bringing your legs together, then bend your body forward until each hands touch the ground.
  2. Keep your knees straight.


  1. Start by sitting on the ground with one hand near your buttocks.
  2. Then move your torso back and maintain this position.
  3. To maintain this position, bend one leg and use it as a support on your arm.
  4. Then repeat the exercise on the opposite side of your body.

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  1. The idea is that you just stretch your legs while sitting on the ground. In this position, bend one leg until the foot is in front of the intimate area.
  2. Extend the opposite leg as much as possible and bend the body forward, attempting to grab the tip of the foot with one hand without bending this limb.
  3. Finally, repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.

Hands together

The goal of this stretching exercise is to maneuver your hands behind your back and produce them together.

  1. First, sit on the ground together with your legs bent in a butterfly position.
  2. Then, keeping your back straight, try to attach your hands behind your back.

Touching the ground

This is analogous to the second exercise on this list where you’ve to bend down. But on this case you’ve to try harder.

Standing, you’ll want to bend down, as if you wish to touch the ground together with your head. The fact which you could’t bend your knees on this position makes it more of a challenge.

Sitting in your heels

  1. Start by kneeling on the ground and bringing your heels near your buttocks.
  2. Then bend your body forward until you reach the ground, together with your arms prolonged so far as possible.
  3. Hold this final position for about 5 seconds to extend your stamina.

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Neck stretching

It may be very easy and is some of the commonly used stretching. It consists in tilting the top from one side to the opposite with the assistance of the hand.

To stretch, you’ll want to use some hand strength I sew well. Repeat this, supporting yourself with the opposite hand and moving your head to the other side.

You may even stretch your neck at work, within the office, or at your desk at home.


The goal is to tilt your head forward and backward. This is one in every of the best exercises to perform.

  1. Start by aligning your shoulders, then start tilting your head back while looking up.
  2. For more comfort, place one hand on the back of your neck.
  3. Then place each hands behind your head and start to tilt your head forward. You will feel a stretch in your back and neck.

Back and neck stretching exercises

To get the optimal profit from properly performing these back and neck stretching exercises, you’ll want to do that carry them out in a controlled manner. Never attempt to force anything; do it naturally.

The more times you perform the moves – all the time inside your limits – the better it would be to extend your strength and endurance levels.

Something that may really help with these exercises is a mat or a skinny mattress to make sure your comfort and safety. If you’ve back pain or numbness in these areas, these stretches could also be counterproductive and it could be best to hunt medical attention.

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