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Wagamama to offer community spaces across the country

The Wagamama restaurant chain has announced that it can provide warm and inclusive social spaces in restaurants across the country.

The restaurant chain will provide support for The Bread and Butter Thing. This will help deliver 1 million meals price of food to low-income families who profit from the charity. The charity helps households get their weekly groceries cheaper.

Wagamama has already provided food and custom recipe cards for The Bread And Butter Thing, and Wagamama’s £25,000 donation will go towards 41 truck trips. Each will have the ability to move 426 tons of food. Each ton will equal 2,380 meals. That’s a little bit over one million meals in total.

Wagamama may even provide social spaces in restaurants across the country – offering free sites to families facing the difficult alternative between heating and eating. Team members will volunteer to support local projects. In addition, the chefs will provide “Wok, don’t waste it” shows. It is here that they may advise you on the best way to cook nutritious and cheap meals.

Wagamama CEO Thomas Heier said:

Mark Game, CEO of The Bread and Butter Thing said:

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