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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to get Nasty Plot TM

Pokémon Scarlett and Violet have a big collection of TMs, over 170 in total. To make team constructing as easy as possible, it’s ideal to gather all these TMs while exploring Paldea. One of a very powerful TM bases if you happen to’re going to make use of a special attacker is Nasty Plot. Here is our guide on the right way to enable Nasty Plot TM Pokémon Scarlett and Violet.

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How to enable Nasty Plot TM Pokémon Scarlett and Violet

Nasty Plot is some of the powerful setup moves Pokémon. When utilized in combat, it raises your Pokémon’s Special Attack by two levels. This doubles your Special Attack for the duration the boosted Pokémon stays on. Note that as with all stat-boosting moves, either switching the Pokémon or fainting the Pokémon will remove the buff.

Given how strong Nasty Plot is, it should come as no surprise that it’s one in every of the toughest TM bases to get in Pokémon Scarlett and Violet. To get Nasty Plot TM, it is advisable to discuss with Mrs. Raifort after completing all her history lessons and catching all 4 Treasures of Ruin Legendary Pokémon.

Grasswither Shrine where Wo-Chien will be found. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Despite their legendary status, Ruin’s Treasures will be caught as soon as you are done Scarlet and Violettutorial. You must locate and take away all 32 pegs scattered throughout Paldea to unlock their shrines. After pulling all of the pegs out of the bottom, head to their shrines to fulfill them. Once all 4 are caught, return to Mrs. Raifort to say your reward.

Or those that have already accomplished the essential storyline Pokémon Scarlett and Violet yow will discover Nasty Plot TM at Ground Zero. To find the Nasty Plot at Ground Zero, go to Research Area Two, go outside, climb the cliff right behind you and the Nasty Plot can be positioned at the highest. This is a better method than catching the wreck’s treasures, but accessing it’s more demanding.

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