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Barley Water for Weight Loss – All You Need To Know

Barley is a wonderful source of dietary fibre. It is a nutrient-rich alternative to rice in a slimming food regimen.

Compared to other whole grains, barley has a lower fat content. You can use barley within the preparation of breads, soups and stews, and as a source of malt for alcoholic beverages, especially beer.

Of all of the available types of barley, barley water is essentially the most helpful. Barley water is an ancient Greek treatment that remains to be common today. It cleanses the body of poisons, while improving metabolism and digestion.

What is barley water?

Barley water is a conventional drink popular in lots of cultures all over the world. To prepare the barley water, boil the barley grains in water after which simply strain it. You also can add other ingredients resembling grated ginger, cinnamon sticks or lemon juice so as to add flavor to the boiling water.

Barley water has a gentle, nutty flavor with no discernible flavor, which is why people often add other juices or sweeteners. However, adding sugar or sweeteners to barley water will negate its advantages as a weight reduction health drink.

Just like barley grains, barley water also accommodates essential vitamins and minerals. It is a supplemental drink, filled with electrolytes, making it an excellent drink for athletes, dehydrated and sick people.

Therefore, barley water is a healthy substitute for energy drinks, juices, lemonades or sports drinks. Depending on the quantity of unsweetened citrus juice used to flavor barley water, it could actually be an excellent source of vitamin C.

The dietary profile of unstrained, unsweetened barley water is as follows:

  • Vitamins: Vitamin B complex
  • Minerals: Manganese, selenium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and zinc
  • Dietary fiber
  • antioxidants
  • Phytochemicals

Benefits of barley water for weight reduction

Here are some ways barley water helps you drop a few pounds:

High fiber content

Barley water accommodates dietary fiber. It helps you’re feeling fuller for longer and reduces your appetite. Satiety prevents you from overeating or eating junk food.

When you might be hungry, you are likely to eat whatever is obtainable. When your stomach is full, you might be less more likely to snack on unhealthy foods or eat mindlessly. So when combined with a healthy food regimen, barley water can assist you to drop a few pounds.

Maintains hydration

Barley water provides hydration. Since then, staying hydrated is crucial studies showed a major relationship between inadequate hydration, elevated BMI and obesity.

In addition, the electrolytes and minerals contained in barley water make it a drink suitable for post-workout supplementation.

Maintains blood sugar levels

Weight gain and diabetes have a powerful correlation. AND research shows that fluctuations in glucose levels in diabetes and prediabetes often trigger insulin resistance.

Poor insulin sensitivity or high insulin resistance could make weight reduction difficult. Thus, stabilizing blood sugar levels is crucial for weight management.

Barley water is a drink with a low glycemic index, high in fiber and low in fat. As a result, it helps lower high blood sugar levels. In addition, it prevents further weight gain related to the disease. However, individuals with diabetes should drink barley water without sugar and sweeteners.

Tests shows that barley and its foods help stabilize postprandial blood glucose levels. Therefore, drinking barley water after a meal reduces potential blood sugar spikes.

If you are wondering how different foods affect your blood sugar, the HealthifyPRO CGM system may also help. Tracks real-time glucose response to every part you eat throughout the day. So you may see how different foods affect your blood sugar levels.

Improves digestion

According to Ayurveda, barley water is a digestive tonic. It can treat stomach and intestinal problems. This is because of the high amount of fiber present in barley water.

In addition, the beta-glucans in barley cell partitions cleanse the body by flushing out toxins. Therefore, detoxing and a well-functioning digestive system are essential for weight reduction. Barley water can also be a lightweight drink and doesn’t burden the stomach.

Note HealthifyMe

How to make barley water for weight reduction?

Making barley water at house is healthier and cheaper than buying it in the shop. You can use barley or pearl barley. However, pearl barley is more nutritious than polished barley. Pearl barley is an entire grain and pearl barley just isn’t.

Pearl barley and barley groats are similar in taste, but differ in texture. The pearl barley grains stay firmer and more chewy, while the pearl barley becomes soft during cooking.

Barley groats contain only a couple of third of the calories of white rice. While barley is just as caloric as white rice, it has more protein and dietary fiber, making it a more nutritious number of barley.

Here is an easy recipe for homemade barley water:

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Servings: 1


  • Barley: 1/4 cup or 2 tbsp
  • Water: 1 1/2 cups
  • Pinch of salt
  • lemon juice (optional)

A technique of preparing

  • Boil the water and barley in a saucepan over low heat for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add salt and lemon juice to taste.
  • Add a cinnamon stick or grated ginger so as to add more flavor to the barley water. All these spices are conducive to weight reduction.
  • Strain and collect the barley water
  • Refrigerate the barley water for half-hour if you ought to serve it cold

Best time to drink barley water and precautions to be mindful

While the most effective time to drink barley water for weight reduction is within the morning on an empty stomach, a glass of barley water may be drunk 2-3 times a day.

However, it needs to be remembered that barley water has a diuretic effect. So drink at most 4-6 glasses a day. Too much barley water could cause stomach irritation and loose intestines in some people.

Also, be certain that that the barley water recipe has no added sugar or sweeteners. If you ought to drop a few pounds with barley water or improve your eating habits, HealthifyMe certified nutritionists may also help.

They develop a personalised food regimen plan that matches your lifestyle and delivers lasting results.


Barley water is a weight reduction drink that may provide a lift of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Unstrained barley water is wealthy in fiber, which improves digestion and makes you’re feeling fuller for longer.

And because it is very low in fat and hydrating, barley water can assist you to manage your weight in the long term when combined with a healthy food regimen and exercise.

As with every part else, it is important to limit your barley water intake to avoid unintended effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How much weight are you able to lose by eating barley?

A. The amount of weight lost doesn’t rely upon the quantity of barley eaten or the quantity of barley water drunk. Instead, it relies on many aspects. A calorie deficit at all times plays a major role. You can lose 1 to 2 kilos (0.5 to 1 kilogram) per week by eating a balanced, calorie-controlled food regimen and exercising commonly.

Q. Which is best for weight reduction, barley or oats?

A. You can select oats or barley depending in your dietary needs. Both grains have different advantages that make them ideal for specific diets. For example, barley is lower in saturated fat and glycemic index but higher in fiber than oats. As a result, it’s simpler at controlling blood sugar levels, making it an excellent alternative for diabetics seeking to drop a few pounds. Additionally, hulled barley provides 12 grams of protein per serving, while oatmeal only has half that quantity. So if the most important goal of your food regimen is protein intake, barley is a more sensible choice.

Q. When should I drink barley water to drop a few pounds?

A. You can drink barley water at any time, nevertheless it is only within the morning on an empty stomach. It allows the body to soak up nutrients more efficiently and provides a nutrient-rich begin to the day. A wise way is to drink 2-3 glasses of barley water throughout the day, spaced out evenly.

Q. Can barley water reduce belly fat?

A. Barley water is a terrific addition to any food regimen if you ought to drop a few pounds. It can potentially reduce belly fat over time. In addition, its satiating properties help control hunger and appetite, making you’re feeling fuller for longer. As a result, this results in lower calorie intake and gradual weight reduction. Additionally, the cholesterol-lowering nature of barley can also be helpful in the long term. Unfortunately, high cholesterol is a risk factor for developing abdominal fat. However, as with every weight reduction journey, a balanced food regimen and moderate to high-intensity exercise are essential for lasting results.

Q. What is the side effect of barley?

A. Barley and its water are protected to eat sparsely. However, excessive consumption can result in digestive problems resembling gas, bloating and nausea because of the high amount of fiber. In addition, barley could cause an allergic response in individuals with gluten intolerance or hypersensitivity to other cereal grains.

Q. How to make use of barley for weight reduction?

A. You could make barley water for weight reduction advantages. If you might be searching for Low-calorie and high-fiber replacements for refined cereals, barley flour is an excellent alternative. You also can use barley flakes as breakfast porridge, add to soups and stews, and make a grain salad with vegetables.

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