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WoW cross-faction guilds “being considered,” Blizzard says

The debate has been swirling around WoW cross-faction guilds ever for the reason that feature was enabled in Shadowlands patch 9.2.5, Eternity’s End. Since MMORPG fans are used to blurring the lines between the Alliance and the Horde, I asked Production Director Pat Dawson if we might see this feature added.

While I’m definitely on the side of the Horde, I even have friends preferring to remain on the straight and narrow line. When I asked Dawson if Blizzard was considering a cross-faction guild system that will allow players from each faction to attach in a more formal way, he told me that “it was a really welcome feature. It’s something we’re definitely considering.”

Explaining that there’s “nothing to announce on this in the mean time,” he states, “I believe because the system evolves you may see the gradual changes being revamped time – first there have been inter-faction raids, then inter-faction instances. The next iteration that just modified with the discharge of Dragonflight is tapping between factions, in order that’s part two.

“Then we’ll see what’s next and what’s next, and eventually we’ll get to a world where we wish to do something like that [cross-faction guilds] in the long run, but as for the timeframe, I am unable to share anything.”

Either way, it seems pretty positive to me. While there have been issues with the brand new tapping system post-launch, for probably the most part, the changes between factions received a positive response – or a minimum of ambivalence, as you do not have to enable it in case you don’t need to.

As the sport continues to evolve, I expect cross-faction guilds to be introduced sooner somewhat than later, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t encourage me to try Alliance characters a minimum of once. I played a pre-release version of WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic as a Draenei Death Knight and didn’t hate this, so weirder things were happening.

For now though, I’ll proceed playing WoW Dragonflight with the very best additions to WoW in mind. If you’ve got been gliding across the Dragon Islands looking for glyphs to upgrade your dragon ride like I did, we have got a listing of all of the Dragonflight Dragon Glyph locations in WoW for you.

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