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Recent: POF Tombstone 9mm Lever-Motion Rifle

Lever motion rifles have grown in popularity over the past few years, and it is not hard to see why. While obviously not as effective in combat as modern semi-automatic rifles equivalent to the AR-15, lever motion pistols may be used very effectively to hunt anything from pests (in pistol form) to big game (in rifle calibers equivalent to 0 .30-30 and 0.45-70). Also, in states and countries where semi-automatic rifles are heavily restricted, lever-action rifles are frequently not subject to the identical intrusive rules, even when equipped with modern features. First of all, they’re simply fun to shoot, which we prove each time we take our Marlin 336 Dark Series project to the shooting range. POF USA has announced its own entry into modernized lever-action rifle market with the brand new Tombstone 9mm carbine.

USA Tombstone 9mm POF carbine

The recent POF USA Tombstone is a contemporary, lever-action pistol caliber carbine (PCC). POF says yes “initially offered” in 9mm, but this language tells us that other gun calibers could also be available in the long run. Front to rear, it has a free-floating fluted 16.5″ barrel with a dual-chamber muzzle brake on standard 1/2×28 threads. The barrel is surrounded by a ten.5″ modular receiver rail (MRR) which incorporates M-LOK slots , Picatinny rail sections and QD slots for hanging.

The Ghost Ring sights are built into the rail system, but we suspect most users will install a red dot sight as shown in these photos.

Warehouses and controls

The receiver has a magazine well and a button release for detaching 9mm magazinesthat are a POF US proprietary design compatible with Tombstone and Phoenix series. Standard Tombstone models contain one 20-round magazine; Colorado compatible models include a 10-round magazine as an alternative. Additional 35-round magazines are also available individually.

The operating instructions for this rifle must be somewhat familiar to anyone who has used a lever-action weapon prior to now. It starts with a proprietary 3.5-pound single-stage flat-face trigger. The Tombstone Hammer has a half-cocked position that many users of lever guns will already be aware of. There can also be a shotgun-style cross-lock on the rear of the aluminum receiver. The lever is contoured to suit the usual Magpul SGA shotgun stock, which offers the power to simply accept the length of Magpul spacers, cheeks and QD sockets.

The total weight of the headstone is 5.75 kilos and the whole length is 36 inches. The MSRP is firmly positioned on the premium end of the spectrum – $1,962 for the black variants and $2,097 for the sunshine brown FDE variants. Additional magazines cost $35 each.

Video Trailer

We are inquisitive about getting a recent USA Tombstone POF later this month on the SHOT Show and hope to review it in the long run as well. In the meantime, watch the POF YouTube video below to see Tombstone in motion.

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