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Twitter employees using own toilet paper after Elon Musk cuts janitors

Some of the opposite Twitter employees have reportedly began bringing their very own toilet paper to the office as Elon Musk implements extensive cost-cutting measures at the corporate.

Musk’s struggle to get monetary savings this month included a move to abruptly fire janitors who worked at the corporate’s San Francisco headquarters. The cuts got here after janitors went on strike demanding higher wages.

The absence of janitors “left the office in disarray”, with bathrooms that “got dirty” and a persistent smell of “takeaway food leftovers and body odor”, reports the New York Timesciting sources acquainted with the matter.

The report stated that some employees bring their very own toilet paper as there aren’t any janitors readily available to exchange supplies. Musk allegedly placed Twitter employees on two floors while shutting down 4 others.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk is leading an enormous push for cost-cutting on Twitter.
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Other budget-conscious moves included Musk’s decision to shut considered one of Twitter’s data centers in Sacramento, California, despite concerns raised by some employees that it could hurt the location’s performance.

On Christmas Eve, Musk tweeted that Twitter was still up and running “even after I shut down considered one of the more sensitive server cabinets.” The site experienced a widespread outage on Thursday, though its exact cause stays unclear.

Custodians were laid off as part of Musk's austerity measures.
Custodians were laid off as a part of Musk’s austerity measures.

The report said Twitter didn’t pay rent for its San Francisco offices and completely stopped paying rent at its Seattle constructing, where it now faces eviction. The company also hired cleaners and a few security personnel at considered one of its New York City buildings.

In addition, the Musk-led company reportedly missed or delayed payments to certain suppliers, including billing firm KPMG and advantages provider Carrot. There are rumors that Twitter’s latest leaders intend to renegotiate some deals to chop costs.

According to the New York Times, Musk has postpone some Twitter employees along with his “erratic and practical style” of leadership. The CEO of Twitter instructed his subordinates to discover employees chargeable for providing the press with details of the corporate’s activities.

In total, Musk is reportedly attempting to shave off $500 million in non-work related expenses from Twitter’s budget, in keeping with the outlet.

Twitter office
Reportedly, Musk has consolidated San Francisco’s workforce over two floors.
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The billionaire has been open about Twitter’s financial woes since he bought the corporate for $44 billion in late October. Earlier this month, Musk argued that his various cuts were mandatory to avoid a $3 billion budget deficit.

“That’s why I’ve spent the last five weeks cutting costs like crazy,” Musk said through the Twitter Spaces event last week. “This company is like you might be in an airplane that’s flying towards the bottom at high speed, with engines on fire and controls inoperative.”

The Post contacted Twitter for comment. The company laid off its entire communications team.

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