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Is your supplier going to vary your energy bill?

Is your energy supplier making a change to your bill in January?

According to the BBC, most of the UK’s biggest energy providers have been involved with customers over a minimal price change starting in the brand new yr. These changes appear as a change in the associated fee price per unit of energy from 1st January 2023

On average, a household’s energy bill shall be £2,500. However, the utmost rates suppliers can charge per unit of energy are updated, which suggests your bills may change. However, it looks like only pennies shall be added to the bill in consequence.

These changes come into force firstly of January and apply to 12 energy “regions”. Energy suppliers can adjust their prices to the brand new maximum unit rates for gas and electricity.

How much will my bill change?

If you have received an email out of your provider or think you are prone to receive one, don’t panic. The changes are only a fraction of a penny, nonetheless there shall be slight variations between providers and geographies.

Unit rates for gas and electricity will change across all 12 energy “regions”. The biggest changes shall be seen in Merseyside, North Wales and London. In these areas, the electricity unit rate increases by greater than 1p per kWh.

According to the BBC, Merseyside will record the best toll within the UK. The rate shall be 38.26p per kWh, greater than fourpence greater than the federal government average of 34p.

Electricity rates were also lowered in some areas in consequence of the change in the utmost charge. So while Merseyside and North Wales see their unit rates increase by 0.4p, some households within the North East of England will see their electricity unit rates fall by 0.4p. Rates fell in eight areas for prepaid customers.

Which providers are making the changes?

  • Scottish power
  • Bulb
  • EDF
  • british gas
  • Shell

Octopus Energy said it will pass cuts but not increases to its customers. It is alleged that every one increases shall be absorbed by the corporate, excluding “Economy 7” customers.

EON Energy also said the changes shall be applied to direct debit customers and those that are billed monthly, but won’t roll over the changes to customers on prepay plans.

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