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Top 20 Etsy Business Ideas For 2023 – Entrepreneurship

When you’re thinking that of small businesses, the OG platform that paved the best way for the remainder was Etsy. The platform has provided small makers and businesses with a platform to showcase and sell their products on to interested buyers.

If you may have the drive and keenness to create and sell products, Etsy continues to be the leading platform of selection. However, with such a high level of competition pre-existing on the platform, it may well be difficult to seek out the fitting business idea.

To eliminate this confusion, we’ve gathered and chosen the highest 20 Etsy business ideas for 2023 for you to think about.

Top 20 business ideas on Etsy

We desired to be diverse when choosing and shortlisting the Top 10 Etsy Business Ideas. Since everyone’s preferences and tastes are different, we desired to bring together ideas to suit every skilled taste.

Here are the most effective to know:

1. Wedding prints

wedding prints

Weddings are magical and there is no denying that. Wouldn’t or not it’s great when you may very well be a component of an already stunning arrangement? Well, that is exactly what wedding prints allow for.

You can customize all the things from a marriage card to signs and small tokens to return gifts. What’s also great about starting a marriage print business? You can channel your creative juices and take advantage of someone’s special occasion.

Also, if you may have prior experience in editing and graphics, that is an amazing business idea to enterprise into.

2. Vintage clothing

If you follow current and ongoing fashion trends, you understand that retro never goes out of favor. Trends like Cottage Core and Y2K are a vivid example of this. So why not take this concept and switch it right into a profitable business model on Etsy?

You can either pick vintage clothes from thrift stores and resell them, or offer personalized clothing to individuals who wish to buy it.

With the fitting decisions and designs, you should not have any difficulty marketing your enterprise to your audience.

3. Craftsmanship


If it’s Etsy, they might be made. There are not any two ways to do it. Crafts and ornamental articles shaped the platform and development of corporations within the early days. While pre-existing vendors select and sell unique crafts, latest businesses and concepts should not taken calmly.

So, when you are good at crafting and have some unique product ideas that you’re thinking that would sell well, go ahead and put them in your list.

Craft is a really diverse area of interest. This can include home decor, jewelry, and even smaller handicrafts that you’re thinking that your buyers will appreciate. Among all the choices, beads and craft jewelry are selling higher than all.

4. Baby clothes

It may sound strange, but people turn to Etsy sellers for baby clothes. But not only any casual or common baby clothes; Etsy is where customizations occur. If you may offer custom-designed kid’s clothing, it’s an idea that may never work.

Newly baked parents often wish to keep a memento of their newborn child, and garments play an enormous role on this. At this point you enter the equation.

What you may do is offer personalized, embroidered, uniquely designed baby clothes which might be one among a form and too hard to withstand.

5. Custom T-shirts

Custom t-shirts

While we’re talking about tailor-made clothes, printed t-shirts also deserve a special mention. You can start a business by selling them at retail and even cope with mass custom t-shirts for parties, parties, organizations, uniforms, etc.

The beauty of making a custom t-shirt is that the demand for it can never go away. All you may have to do is get creative with the designs on offer.

Avoid dull and copycat designs as they will not attract repeat customers.

6. Fabrics

Clothing is a business area of interest that never goes out of favor. As long as humans are on Earth, they’ll wish to wear clothes. If you do not have the funds to sell dresses or t-shirts as a result of lack of resources, use fabrics.

Most people use Etsy to seek out good quality fabrics. From cotton to sequins, demand varies quite a bit. So why not take advantage of it?

According to Etsy, there are greater than 5,000 requests for fabrics every month, which shows that there’s a demand. If you should start a worthy business idea, that is undoubtedly a very good idea.

7. Christmas decorations

This Etsy business idea may be very time limited. You would need to refill and wait for the vacation season to reach to get a very good sale. However, the vacation doesn’t at all times seek advice from Christmas and New Year’s.

You also can use holiday decorations during Thanksgiving, fall season, etc. So if you may have unique decoration ideas you could bring to life, this can be a very profitable business idea for Etsy.

8. Event supplies

People won’t ever stop partying. Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, and even gender reveal, parties are a part of human existence. Party supplies are a very good area of interest if you should get on Etsy with a working and profitable business model.

Supplies can include decorations, balloons, party banners, cake toppers, etc. The list is limitless. You also can offer personalized party supplies with printables to provide your customers a more subjective experience.

Also, Etsy doesn’t have an enormous number of party supplies stores, so that you do not have to fret about ruthless competition either.

9. Homemade cards

Homemade cards

People like to customize, so homemade cards are successful, despite the digital age. If you are good at making homemade cards from scratch, you will make a good profit on Etsy.

When starting your enterprise, deal with finding unique designs and create some templates and design mockups to get your enterprise began. Also, if you may have good handwriting, you may offer handwritten letters on the cards.

10. Kitchenware

Kitchen items often vary from place to put. The sort of spatula or knives you employ at home could also be different from what you get out of the country. So there’s a wide range of kitchen items. You can turn this right into a profitable business model on Etsy.

What you may do to make your enterprise more noticeable is to supply unique kitchenware designs. Also consider aesthetically pleasing colours and design options.

11. Stickers


It is usually a hit or a miss. If you might be good at designing and creating stickers, you may give it a try. The only challenge, nonetheless, is the competition on the platform. There are already a whole bunch of other small businesses selling stickers on Etsy.

So if you should stand out, offer something different and unique. Also, if possible, make planning stickers. This will attract the eye of each day diary enthusiasts.

12. Washi tape

While we’re with reference to journaling, Washi Tape is one other Etsy business idea you may get entangled in. The concept of washi tapes are coloured and printed rolls of tape that journalism enthusiasts use to make their journal entries way more aesthetically pleasing.

However, starting a washi tape business is usually a little bit of a challenge. You’ll need to seek out a wholesaler to purchase them from as a way to resell them on Etsy. Also, if you should sell custom washi tapes, that is a complete different rodeo.

13. Ribbons

Ribbons are one other popular business concept that works well on Etsy. You can offer standard ribbons, designer ribbons, and even items made from ribbons.

What’s great about it’s the creative flexibility you get. You can pick and select what you should do with the business model.

14. Beads


When discussing beads as a business idea on Etsy, we’re talking about selling raw material. Beads are utilized in some ways, including making jewelry, hats, bracelets, etc. Some even make phone charms out of them.

Bead supplies are very easy to return by so long as you may have the resources for the manufacturer. But once that connection is sorted out, bead sales can generate consistent profit and income on Etsy.

15. Feathers

That might sound interesting, right? Feathers are a private selection or preference for most individuals. So, when you’re sitting there confused about what you may sell, we recommend sourcing exotic feathers.

They make great additions to accessories and are an integral a part of the craft business scene. So you may act as a wholesale supplier for these craft corporations and earn a very good profit.

16. Punches and pads

Stamps and pads

Stamps are also quite popular on Etsy, and if you may have the fitting connections or tools, you may create custom stamps for businesses. Not just for skilled use, stamps are also quite popular with individuals who keep journals or want to prepare their notes.

When it involves writing pads, you may’t have too many in terms of stationery. And especially with writing pads, you simply cannot have too many. That’s why selling stamps and blocks is an amazing business idea on Etsy.

17. Second-hand goods

Savings and vintage items are currently on sale. So if you may have a number of them and need to unlock space, why not put them on Etsy?

You get the double good thing about clearing your space or acquiring unique materials and selling them. Antique items or second-hand goods are also of great value. So the profits are also quite large.

18. Candles


Candles are an obsession for many individuals. So, when you are a candle maker and produce good quality, unique candles with a nice scent, why not sell them on Etsy and make some money?

Keep in mind that candles are already sold on Etsy, so that you’re sure to face competition. But with enough persuasion and concepts, it’s best to give you the option to figure it out.

19. Digital Downloads

Everyone has certain talents, and when you’re good at art, you may sell people digital downloads of your art and earn a reasonably high income.

In addition to artwork, you may as well offer digital downloads of software, games or other items that fall inside your creative scope.

20. Phone case

Phone cases

Last on Etsy’s list of best business ideas are phone cases. The reason we keep it at the underside is saturation. There are a whole bunch of Etsy sellers already selling phone cases. So fitting into this space is usually a challenge to start with.

Instead, you may deal with finding unique ways to sell personalized phone cases which might be memorable and meaningful to the client.


This concludes our list of the highest 20 Etsy business ideas. Keep in mind that Etsy is evolving, so that you do not have to limit yourself to those options. If you may have a novel business idea and need to make it a reality, do it with Etsy. No one is stopping you from chasing your dreams and being financially independent.

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