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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous — How to romance Arueshalae

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Arueshalae is considered one of the companions that may join your party Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. This demonic succubus realized her mistake and turned to Desna’s light. While he struggles along with his true nature, he may even fall in love together with your character. Here’s ours Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous A romantic Arueshalae guide to make it easier to complete all of the mandatory checks for an ideal rating.

Attention: For more information try our Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous guides and have center.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – How to romance Arueshalae

Beginning of the Arueshalae romance

Arueshalae can romance female and male characters. There are two ways to begin a romance in Arueshalae Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteousdepending on whenever you recruited her:

  • Act 2: Drezen (Azata) – This requires you to unlock the Mythic Path of Azata in Act 1. Then, in Act 2, you’ll have to search out some hidden items in Desna’s Sanctuary within the Lost Chapel. When you encounter Arueshalae in Drezen Prison, you’ll have the Azat dialogue option. Complete it with the words: “I see a spark of Elysium light in you. You’re beautiful.”
  • Act 3: Greengates (any) – Assuming you didn’t get it in act 2, you’ll be wanting to proceed exploring in act 3 until the situation of Greengates is discovered. You will encounter Arueshalae once more. Make sure considered one of your answers is “And miss the prospect to see your beauty…”

General Tips: Be nice and do not be a pervert

All Arueshalae flags are contextual. Some are pretty straightforward, while others leave you guessing in case you screw something up:

  • Be kind and considerate – In most other interactions, you’ll be wanting kind and considerate responses when she’s around.
  • Complete Companion Quests – Borrowed Dreams (Act 3), Arueshalae Prison (Act 3), Shattered Dreams (Act 4), Time to Think (Act 4) and What You Dream About (Act 5) are romance related.
  • A little bit of light flirting is so as – once she’s recruited, she’ll be relaxing near the Desna Chapel in Drezen. You can joke together with her about kissing and ask how demons have sex, but that is about it. If you exhaust a lot of the positive/inquiring dialogue options, you will see two additional responses: “Love is an excellent feeling” -> Gently touch Arueshalae’s fingers.
  • But do not be a horny pervert – she’s a succubus who’s afraid her lustful nature will make her kill again. Ergo, anything that makes you push her into intimate contact and frisky will make her reject your advances, resulting in failure.
  • Keep her around – in fact you’ll be wanting her in your team in any respect times. Never tell her to go away, exit alone or stay alone ceaselessly.

Act 3 Flags: Areel and Wintersun Lab

To be sure that Arueshalae’s romance Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is on the fitting track, you’ll have to experience two events that happen in act 3.

  • Areel’s Laboratory – Take the Arueshalae with you and clear the dungeon. After leaving the hut, rest within the camp (outside, not on the world map). This results in a dream sequence.
  • Wintersun – Have Arueshalae in your party as usual whenever you complete the primary quest within the zone. Camp while in Wintersun and you will get a conversation.
    • Choose the primary three answers, then touch her hand and say, “I’m real, I swear.”
    • Don’t make fun of stepping into a tent.
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Act 3 Quest: Arueshalae trapped

This is one other key moment that takes place after completing the Borrowed Dreams companion quest. Arueshalae can be locked up in Drezen’s prison. Here are some answers to pick from and ones to avoid:

  • Avoid the last option where you tell her to remain within the cell.
  • Avoid options where you tell her about satisfying her desires.
  • In the further a part of the conversation, select the second, third and fourth answer. A fifth will appear: “There’s no point in hiding. I can be with you. I’ll make it easier to.”
  • If you do the whole lot right, Arueshalae can be surprised since you are usually not afraid of what she will be able to do. This ends the branch without prompting out of your character (meaning you succeeded).

Act 4 Flags: The Beggar of the Lowtown and Ten Thousand Pleasures

To proceed Arueshalae’s romance Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteousyou’ll have to make two special encounters in act 4 within the demon city of Alushinyrra:

  • Lowtown – There is a beggar in front of the Rotten Market. Convince Arueshalae that giving alms is correct.
  • Ten Thousand Delights – When you first approach Ten Thousand Delights, Arueshalae will express her concern. Tell her it’s okay and enter the cave. Some guy will come as much as her and you’ll be able to tell him that she has modified and renounced evil.
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Act 4 quests: Shattered Dreams and Time to Think

Eventually, you’ll receive the Dreams in Ruin companion quest. Go to the place and defeat the villains. Just be certain your answers are much like good/legal types. After that, Arueshalae will bring you back to her dream world. This time you’ll have to burn the nearby objects, including the table, because that is the one strategy to complete this part.

Attention: Whatever the case, avoid mistaken answers as they are going to cause him to revert to his corrupted form and leave your party. Still, you’ll be able to recruit Damned Arueshalae later in the sport.

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As for Time to Think, it’s best to get it after Dreams in Ruin. You could have to attend/rest for a couple of days within the Nexus before it spawns (don’t end Act 4 too early). After receiving the search, consult with Arueshalae. Tell her she needs someone she will be able to trust and that you’re going to help her. Inside the dream world:

  • Don’t kiss her. Instead, tell her you will watch her while she sleeps.
  • When the apparitions appear, don’t say anything and don’t shout at them.
  • Then say it would create latest memories.
  • When the spirit of the priestess appears, you’ll be able to exhaust all dialogue options, ending with: “How can I help her find redemption?”
  • Finally, say, “I like her and I need to be together with her.”
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Act 5 Quest: What are you dreaming of?

Once you have done all the above, just clear Act 4 and wander around Act 5 until Arueshalae asks to talk to you. Talk to Anevia, then go to Drezen’s tavern and meet Arueshalae. Enter her dream world and you will discover a lonely table there. If you probably did the whole lot right for Arueshalae’s romance Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, the character that appears is your character, but the remainder of your party members is not going to be there. This means that you simply fell in love with one another, while the second result suggests that you simply became friends.

Say you are going to construct a house and kiss her while battling shadows. Returning to the actual world, accompany her “somewhere where nobody will disturb us.” You’ll get to the commander’s room within the Citadel, where flowers are blooming around (assuming you have chosen Azata’s Mythical Path).

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