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Astringent Fruits: List, Benefits and Uses

We’ll show you why it’s a very good idea to incorporate sour fruit in your food regimen often. They are wealthy in soluble fiber and antioxidants.

Astringent Fruits: List, Benefits and Uses

Last actualisation: November 29, 2022

Astringent fruits are those who help fight diarrhea, thereby improving the condition of the intestines. They contain tannins, along with soluble fiber, which might retain water and increase the density of the fecal bolus. It is best to eat them raw to reap the benefits of all their properties and avoid changes in motility that may condition bowel movements.

Before we start, we must state that diarrhea could be attributable to many alternative causes. One of them is infections. Certain sorts of bacteria cause changes in our internal water balance, causing potential reabsorption of fluid in the big intestine. However, food intolerances can even cause these symptoms.

Astringent fruits

Here is an inventory of astringent fruits that could be included in our food regimen to alleviate diarrhea. Not only are they helpful for this condition, but in addition they contain an array of nutrients and phytochemicals that can make them priceless in almost any context.

Include astringent fruits in your food regimen when affected by diarrhea to ease the discomfort.


Pomegranate is one of the crucial tart fruits. It comprises a major amount of vitamin C. This element is important for strengthening immune function, in line with a study published in Nutrients. Therefore, when diarrhea is infectious, it is going to be crucial to make sure the right level of this element with a view to solve this problem as soon as possible.

As if that wasn’t enough, pomegranate provides a considerable amount of antioxidants, compounds neutralizing the formation of free radicals and their subsequent accumulation within the tissues of the body. This mechanism reduces the danger of developing chronic and complicated pathologies, as evidenced by, amongst others, research published in European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.


Apples contain soluble fiber that may be very helpful for the body – pectin. This substance gives it some astringent properties. Soluble fiber is important for the correct functioning of the microbiome. It is an energy substrate for bacteria living within the digestive tract, stimulating their growth. AND review published within the journal Up-to-date allergy and asthma reports confirms it.

Apple provides the body with vitamins and antioxidants.

It can be a source of vitamins and antioxidants. For this reason, it mustn’t be missing in our food regimen. It has a satiating effect that increases adherence to a hypocaloric food regimen for weight reduction. It is best eaten raw, although it could actually even be used to organize compotes or purees.

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Persimmon is one other astringent fruit that characterizes mucus content, a compound that lubricates the partitions of the digestive tract and helps regulate passage. It can be distinguished by its vitamin C contentsubsequently it is especially advantageous to reinforce the immune function.


We must not forget the quince when talking concerning the fruit that helps to regulate diarrhea. It is generally eaten in the shape of jam or candy, but there’s also an option including it in fresh form in your food regimen.

It has a taste that can satisfy any gourmand and is a wonderful source of fiber. It may even provide a major amount of antioxidant compounds that can help improve your overall health.


To close this list, we’ve to say pears. Like apples, they’re distinguished by the content of soluble fiber and pectins. For this reason, it could actually be consumed to scale back diarrhea, improve microbiome function, and protect the body’s internal functioning.

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Include astringent fruits in your food regimen to regulate diarrhea

As you may have seen The astringent fruits are essential for controlling diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders. They reduce motility and improve the condition of the intestinal mucosa, stopping and contributing to the healing of possible injuries.

In addition, they’ve a major amount of antioxidant compounds and vitamins, key to maintaining good health for years.

Finally, do not forget that diarrhea can often be prevented by optimizing food storage and handling processes. Most of them are attributable to infectious processes, generally bacterial contamination.

To prevent this, animal products should be properly cooked. There is nothing higher than heat to kill any pathogens which may be hiding in your food.

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