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What is Phantom Vibration Syndrome and How Can You Avoid it?

This article explains what phantom vibration syndrome is, why it occurs, and possible complications and solutions.

What is phantom vibration syndrome and how can it be avoided?
Elena Sanz

Checked and approved by psychologist Elena Sanz.

Last actualisation: December 28, 2022

Phantom vibration syndrome might be regarded as one more consequence of the excessive use of technologyon this case mobile phones. Perhaps you’ve got ever felt it: your cell phone vibrates in your pocket or purse, but you check and see that nobody has called or texted you.

It has to do with the way in which the brain responds to the stimuli we perceive or think we perceive. However, it is usually believed that it might be related to certain disorders. Below we’ll learn more about phantom vibrations and their causes.

Perceptual biases

The mind may imagine that a stimulus, corresponding to the vibration of a cell phone, exists despite the fact that it doesn’t.

In any situation, whether there may be a stimulus or not, there are several possibilities:

  • The stimulus is presented, the senses perceive it, and the brain processes it.
  • There is a stimulus, but we don’t see it.
  • No stimulus, no perception.
  • There isn’t any stimulus, however the brain thinks there may be.

The last one is related to so-called “perceptual predispositions”, an idea that has been used to grasp the strategy of language acquisition and development in children.

In this regard, studies on the topic indicate that an individual is born with the flexibility to tell apart between possible sounds of language, which he then learns or not, depending on whether this sound is utilized in the language utilized in the environment.

And just as now we have the flexibility to accomplish that, we’re also unable to acknowledge by smell whether, for instance, a plant is edible. It is usually believed that the more predisposed we’re to a stimulus, the more likely we’re to perceive it.

This can occur even when the stimulus is just not present, because even in its absence, the relevant sensory receptors are activated. It is price remembering that to a big extent, perception is just not done within the senses, but within the brain.

All of this might explain what also happens within the phantom vibration syndrome. It would also allow us to grasp why, before the arrival of mobile phones, people didn’t experience the phenomenon we’re talking about.

What is phantom vibration syndrome?

This is known as phantom vibration syndrome, a phenomenon that happens after we feel that the mobile has been activated after we get a notification, without it responding reality, which we confirm after checking.

Of course, it happens to us because we’re cell phone users, because now we have the phone with us and it comes into contact with our body. So, now we have felt the stimulus (vibration) persistently.to the purpose that our brain already associates it with some kind of notification.

Phantom vibration can occur at any time, but the chances increase as we wait for a call or message vital messageand we’re attentive, checking your phone anytime.

According teststhis is something experienced by the overwhelming majority of users. Nearly 90% said they noticed phantom vibrations with a median frequency of two weeks or less.

This is one other sign or manifestation of technology addiction. And though it is just not properly considered a pathology or behavioral disorderthis may increasingly be related to obsessive traits or fears, as we’ll see later.

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Causes of the phantom vibration syndrome

There might be several reasons for the occurrence of phantom vibration syndrome. We have already not directly mentioned considered one of them: excessive contact or addiction to technology that hyperstimulates and predisposes us.

Second, it is a phenomenon could also be related to the emotional component of the user. For example, in situations of stress, anguish or fear of waiting when waiting for a very important call as mentioned.

Situations like this will put us in a state over vigilancelike a soldier who’s on watch and thinks he sees signs of the enemy on a regular basis, or a victim of crime who’s horrified when he thinks he hears the sound of a door opening.

It may occur to us after we undergo a difficult time and experience feelings of vulnerability, corresponding to when a pair breaks up. It so it is feasible that we’re continuously searching for an escape or shelter within the phone.

On the opposite hand, they exist studies by which it was observed that notifications emitted by telephone applications can activate neurotransmitters corresponding to dopamine, and so are related to the dynamics of enjoyment or dissatisfaction. Hence the phantom vibration syndrome it could function as a type of waiting within the face of desire.

Possible complications

Cell phone addiction can result in phantom vibration syndrome.

Although it has been noted that the phantom vibration syndrome is just not a pathology, this may increasingly cause some problemscorresponding to increased dependence on cellphone use and low emotional stability, as present in wa research.

Too, tests conducted in Taiwan showed that this phenomenon is more common in employees with high levels of non-public and skilled fatigue, subsequently it’s believed that to be and an indication of stress or burnout syndrome (burnout).

On the opposite hand, a research conducted in India in 2017 suggest that the syndrome of phantom vibrations, along with being a symptom of cell phone addiction, may indicate psychological or neurological changes, can result in anxiety, depression and other affective disorders

Other studies have noted that it does It even affects the standard of sleep. In fact, amongst those surveyed, greater than half reported waking up within the night believing their phone was vibrating.

Generally speaking, these false positives usually are not a complication for most individuals; however the indisputable fact that it is more common in individuals with attachment anxiety and emotional dependence is worrying.

How to avoid phantom vibration syndrome

Given that this can be a latest phenomenon that’s closely related to an individual’s lifestyle, some changes in habits might help solve the issue and avoid a greater evil.

In this regard, the next recommendations might be considered:

  • Keep your phone on with the sound on as a substitute of just using the vibrate.
  • Mute notifications from social networks, leaving only call notifications.
  • Reduce the time you utilize your cell phone.
  • Turn on don’t disturb mode when sleeping or eating.

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When to hunt help?

At first, you could consider phantom vibration syndrome a misperception, and even find it amusing, without making an enormous deal of it. nevertheless this they will they turn into recurrent, causing irritation reactions in an individual, corresponding to disappointment or anger.

If that is your case i if using your phone causes you anxiety, stress or you may’t leave it even for a momentit will be important to take motion, corresponding to a visit to a psychologist, and as a complement to meetings with support groups.

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