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Twitter’s recovering from a number of hours of glitchiness

Twitter appears to be recovering after users spent hours Wednesday night reporting various bugs, with the app and website reporting errors about exceeding speed limits, failing to download recent tweets, or appearing completely broken.

DownDetector.com showed a spike of around 10,000 outage reports noted on Twitter, with reports starting just after 7:30 p.m. ET. By around 10:30 p.m. ET, that number dropped to lower than 1,000 reports.

It isn’t clear what caused the issues – Twitter support account nevertheless, he didn’t mention the glitch around midnight EST, Musk wrote on Twitter that the corporate made “significant changes to the back-end server architecture” to make the web site run faster.

It’s possible the outage was because of some kind of reconfiguration scheduled for midnight GMT, but Musk’s only prior comment on the problems was tweet saying the location is up and running for him around 8:30pm ET. The company didn’t reply to a request for comment from Edgebut in accordance with widespread reports, she disbanded her press office.

here on Edge, now we have had many cases of accounts suddenly being logged out of the desktop site. When one among the staff clicked the login button, the location simply refreshed without asking for a username or password—or crashed with an error message. They have since been in a position to log back into their account and resume normal use of the location.

The mobile app worked for some people in the course of the incident, but not for no less than one person Edge worker. The problems were hard to pin down – they modified, disappeared and reappeared, as you possibly can see within the DownDetector graph.

Chart of Twitter crashes, with a big spike in the middle followed by a dip followed by a smaller rise.

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Many users have reported a lot of issues with the service since Elon Musk laid off an enormous chunk of the corporate’s staff earlier this yr. However, contrary to some predictions, the location has been down since then, even during events resembling the World Cup or during Elon’s reported cases of “one among the more sensitive server racks” being disconnected.

However, it was an open query how quickly the location would have the ability to recuperate from hitting an obstacle, because it had done many, again and again in Twitter’s history.

Update on December 28, 22:30 ET: Updated to reflect that the partial outage appears to be over.

Update December 29, 12:45 ET: Updated so as to add Musk’s comment on “significant changes to the back-end server architecture.”

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