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Bella Hadid Channeled the Frazzled English Woman Aesthetic with Honey Blonde Waves and Cozy Layers

Ma Bella Hadidlike me, she spent her vacation watching Holiday and Actually love on replay? The model definitely looks like she’s taken some beauty and elegance suggestions from Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and company in her latest winter look, from her honey blonde waves to her Inspired by the yr 2000 ensemble.

Hadid posted a bunch of photos your holiday adventures, including a snow ski trip and dinner with friends. In a couple of photos (scroll right down to see them!), she poses at dinner showing off her recent blonde hair, which she wore in loose, loose waves with long bangs. The founding father of Kin Euphorics paired the undulating style with a really “stunned Englishwoman” outfit, featuring a blue and brown plaid skirt worn low on the hips and girded with a large black belt, a fitted navy off-the-shoulder top and an oversized leather jacket, complemented by a plaid hat set on top of her gold waves, a silver pendant dangling from a necklace, a retro style handbag with a kiss-lock, vivid yellow gloves and a wool scarf. (The more you scroll, the more layers Hadid puts on.) Hadid kept her beauty easy, letting her hair play the starring role in her romantic comedy-inspired winter look and sticking to simply a dab of pink and beige lipstick.

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