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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to show Azumarill Belly Drum

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Sometimes the end result of a grueling Pokémon battle comes right down to the little things. Maybe one in all those little things is a single team member who survives long enough to tug off a devastating ending move. Maybe it is a alternative the trainer makes regarding the moves that a selected Pokémon learns? There are also cases like Azumarill. It is a robust Pokémon that may use a robust ability to show the tide of adverse battles. Here is our guide explaining learn how to teach Azumarilla Drum Pokémon Scarlett and Violet in order that he can fully use his potential.

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How to learn Azumarill Belly Drum Pokémon Scarlett and Violet

The Belly Drum move maximizes the Pokémon’s Attack stat. Unfortunately, it also deals damage equal to half of the Pokémon’s maximum HP. This loss is worrisome, and yet the trade-off continues to be worthwhile in certain situations. An Azumarill with the Belly Drum learned move is usually a real threat in Tera Raid battles, for instance.

To teach Azumarilla learn how to navigate its belly Pokémon Scarlett and Violetplayers must first recruit Hariyama’s Pokémon, then teach it the move Azumarilla, which must even have the Mirror Herb equipped. This process requires the trainer to finish several steps, depending on what Pokémon the player has already recruited and what moves that Pokémon has learned.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet how to teach Azumarill Belly Drum

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The first step is to recruit the vital Pokémon. Hariyama is a big Pokémon that is simple to search out roaming regions resembling the Eastern Province (Region Three). Trainers earn Azumarilla by evolving it twice. The base Azurill visits the Southern Province (area one). Grab one and use it actively until its Friendship meter improves and it evolves into Marill. Marill then evolves into Azumarilla at level 18.

Once the required Pokémon can be found, purchase the Mirror Herb and place them on the Azumarill. The expensive Mirror Herb might be purchased at Cascarrafa. Look for it on the Delibird Presents store, which sells weed for 30,000 Pokedollars or LP.

With a correct acquired Pokémon and Azumarill now wearing the expensive Weed Mirror, you are almost able to learn the move. First, ensure that your Hariyama has learned the stomach move. Then ensure that your Azumarill only has three moves assigned to it. Needs empty space to learn something latest. If vital, use the “Check summary” menu to forget concerning the traffic you may do without. Finally, create a team consisting only of Hariyama and Azumarilla. Invite your team to a picnic and wait some time, then end the picnic. Your Hariyama must have taught Azumarill Belly. You is not going to receive any special notification to confirm this. Just check Azurilla’s profile to search out traffic added to the list.

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