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Types of Surgery in Breast Cancer Treatment

There are two predominant kinds of surgery within the treatment of breast cancer: breast-conserving surgery and breast resection. Each has its own risks and advantages depending on the person case.

Types of surgery to treat breast cancer

Last actualisation: December 25, 2022

Surgery as a part of the treatment of breast cancer is utilized in many ladies with this pathology. The kinds of surgery within the treatment of breast cancer, in addition to within the prevention of breast cancer, have undergone significant changes lately. The reason for this was changes in knowledge in regards to the biology of cancer.

There are various kinds of surgery to treat breast cancer, each adapted to a selected situation. Regarding the goals of those surgical techniques, we will mention the next:

  • Elimination of all malignant cells: Excision of the tumor is completed to avoid leaving any residue. The selection is breast-conserving surgery or a complete mastectomy.
  • To discover if the cancer has spread to the axillary lymph nodes: For this purpose, a sentinel node biopsy or dissection of the axillary lymph node is performed.
  • Restore the form of the breast after removing the tumor: The technique used is breast reconstruction.
  • Reduce symptoms: For a patient with advanced breast cancer.

What are the 2 kinds of surgery to treat breast cancer?

There are two predominant kinds of surgery within the treatment of breast cancer: breast-conserving surgery and breast resection. In turn, these two large groups include other surgical techniques, which we are going to have a look at later within the article.

Conservative surgery

These are the kinds of surgery to treat breast cancer which are based on the removal of the part affected by the tumor. Therefore, the goal is to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue.

As for the quantity that has been removed, this can rely upon where it’s and the way big the tumor is in addition to other aspects related to the patient’s condition. Conservative surgery options include:

  • lumpectomy: This surgical technique involves only removing the tumor.
  • Partial mastectomy: In addition to removing the tumor, the lymph nodes within the armpit are also removed.
The variety of surgical operation for breast cancer shall be determined based on each patient’s history.

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Breast resection

Although many persons are acquainted with such a breast surgery How mastectomythe name isn’t entirely accurate. It ought to be mentioned that there are various kinds of mastectomy, the so-called it could be more correct to make use of the term breast resection.

There are various kinds of operations that seek complete removal of the breast. This includes all breast tissue and sometimes other nearby tissues.

Let’s have a look at the differing types mastectomy:

  • Total (easy) mastectomy: This involves removing your entire breast; some lymph nodes within the armpit may be removed.
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy: During this operation, the breast, most or the entire lymph nodes within the armpit, and the liner of the chest muscles are removed. Sometimes the surgeon also removes among the chest wall muscle.
  • Halsted Radical Mastectomy: This breast cancer surgery involves removing your entire breast, the chest muscles, and all of the lymph nodes under the armpit. It has been the strategy of selection for surgeons for a few years. However, it’s currently the least used on account of the large advances which have been made. This variety of surgery should only be considered if the tumor has spread to the chest muscles.
Previously used radical mastectomy was limited to just a few cases.

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A medical oncologist will recommend one or one other variety of surgery, depending on the characteristics of the tumor and the patient’s medical history. However, the last word belongs to the patient and sometimes he himself is asked to decide on the variety of treatment he wants.

For this reason, it is amazingly essential that we’re at all times informed of all available options, in addition to what each of them consists of and what the risks and advantages are. Advances in oncology make it possible to preserve increasingly healthy tissue with a low probability of reoccurrence.

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