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High on Life: How to get the ‘A Starfish is Born’ achievement

High lifestyle, Justin Roiland’s latest release from Squanch Games, is generally a linear affair. You play as a bounty hunter working to avoid wasting humanity from the alien threat, G3, who wants to make use of humans as drugs. Yes, that is a bit weird. However, despite the story being somewhat on-topic, the sport is a semi-open world and there are many other quests to finish. There are literally side quests. And one which incorporates a farting alien musician must be resolved early. Here’s get the “A Starfish Is Born” achievement. High lifestyle.

As mentioned, this particular mission is best began early in the journey. You can start it in the midst of the sport without much problem. However, should you waited until the top to wash up your tasks, you’ll have missed this one.

High lifestyle: How to get the “A Starfish is Born” achievement.

To start “A Starfish Is Born” in High lifestyle and get the achievement, you’ve to pass the initial stage. After the death of 9-Torg, two aliens should appear near Blorto’s shop. Come back later for one more reward in the event that they didn’t. Eventually you will see them in front of the closed shutter. One is tall and the opposite sits cross-legged. You’ll know you’ve got found it when this sitter makes a fart sound each time you speak to him. And yes, it does appear to be an ass.

You just met Globo, a young alien with an ass for a face and music in his heart. Talking to the tall alien to his left will inform you that Globo wants a drum. To get a drum, all you’ve to do is head to the one place on the town that sells shit: Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop. Once inside, turn right and approach the farthest counter. Buy a strange-looking drum for less than 78 pesos. It’s quite a bargain and can pay off in the long run.

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Give me the drum and are available back

Finally, return to Globo and the second alien. Give them a drum and Globo will start playing. If you’ve got done it early enough, all that is left to do is return to see Globo’s progress.

After each latest bounty kill, return to the due date. The first change you may notice is that Globo has a captive audience. Come back later again and the tall alien will say that Globo has been signed on the label. Good job Globa! Next time you come back, it is best to notice the Globo face posters in Blim City. Look across the video screen and see should you can see Globo drumming, now a famous musician. And that is the way you get the “A Starfish is Born” achievement. High lifestyle.

High On Life How To Get A Starfish Is Born Achievement 2

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