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Becoming the preferred minimalist posts in 2022

Special due to every considered one of you for making 2022 so enjoyable at Becoming Minimalist. This has been my 14th yr of writing on this blog and I really like every moment!

Whether you’ve got read the whole 14 years, the last 14 months, or simply the last 14 seconds, I’m glad you are here.

Becoming Minimalist continues to achieve people beyond my wildest dreams as we grow in latest ways every yr. As before, this growth has come about due to the support of readers such as you – thanks for helping us spread the word of inspiration.

Thank you for sharing this site on social media and along with your family and friends. This site only exists due to your support over time.

Here are some numerical representations of our height:

  • Becoming Minimalist was read by over 6 million people last yr.
  • Our Facebook page has grown to over 2,600,000 followers.
  • In total, we reached 150,000,000 people on Facebook last yr — or 2% of the world’s population!
  • Currently, 190,000 people receive email posts about becoming minimalist. Sign here do the identical.
  • 200,000 people subscribe to our quarterly, Simplify your warehouse.
  • 7599 latest people passed through the portal Uninterrupted course last yr.
  • 65 latest videos released Youtube last yr, and the variety of subscribers increased from 217,000 to as much as 260 thousand
  • More than 30,000 people have already used the service A multitude-free application deconstruct their homes.
  • and ours Instagram followers at the moment are missing 100,000 people.

However, a few of our most notable successes over the past yr fall wanting the numbers above:

If you missed any, listed here are the highest posts on becoming a minimalist from 2022.

Most popular posts of 2022 (in accordance with readers):

How to have more money and time. What if there was a strategy to have more money and time in your life? There is an answer. And it’s available instantly without spending a penny (literally).

14 explanation why I used to be able to keep up minimalism for 14 years. Minimalism is a life-style that immediately appealed to me, and it’s a lifestyle that I’ve continued, even 14 years later.

How I became an early bird. Not everyone desires to be an early riser, but I’ve at all times been. Here are the precise steps I took.

The best conversation advice I’ve ever received. Everyone wants a friend who cares about them (selfless), who pays attention to them (good listener) and understands the world and its perspective (disciple). Asking questions gives you that chance.

Ten steps to stop living paycheck to paycheck. According to a recent study, 7 out of 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck. If that is you, you are not alone. But it’s probably not where you need to stay either.

My personal favorite posts from the last yr:

The compliment I need most at my funeral. There are many compliments I would really like to say at my funeral. But there may be one compliment, perhaps greater than some other, that I hope might be told about me.

The difference between busy and unbusy people. Busy has develop into the default state for lots of us. But does the state improve our lives? Definitely not.

Having less is best than enthusiastic about having less. You won’t ever experience the good thing about having less by considering minimalism. You can experience them only whenever you put the principles into practice and truly have less.

Most popular guest posts in 2022:

Why minimalism is particularly good for introverts by Eric Layne. The brain chemistry of an introvert is uniquely suited to minimalism.

Here’s what it’s prefer to have only 134 items on the earth by Charlie Brown. The average American household owns 300,000 items. I own 0.05% of that number.

Six things I learned from the Amish about mindful living by Vannett Chapman. What can we learn in regards to the Amish which will assist in our quest to embrace minimalism? Here are six things.

100 things I’d say to my 18-year-old self about minimalism There’s an exquisite truth here that each one of us can hear, whether it’s for the primary time or the hundredth time.

Most popular outgoing links from the last yr:

The Swedish philosophy of Lagom: enough is enough | Big considering by Jonny Thomson. “It’s not only learning to ‘enjoy the straightforward things’, but additionally appreciating that sometimes less is more.”

You must pay for every part twice | Delight by David Cain. One of the financial lessons they need to teach in class is that almost all of the things we buy must be paid twice.

Minimalist Living: 14 easy ways to simply improve your life | A smart couple by Brittany Kline. “If you may discover even a number of areas of your life where simplification would have noticeable advantages, then I’d say it is time so that you can just dive in and start!”

10 selections you may regret in 10 years | Marc and Angel Hack Life by Marc Chernoff. “If only…” These two words combined together make considered one of the saddest sentences within the English language.

The hottest videos on YouTube in 2022:

8 explanation why successful people wear the identical things each day. If you’ve got ever wondered why some successful people decide to wear the identical outfit each day, or higher yet, in case you’re considering adopting a more streamlined wardrobe yourself, listed here are 8 compelling reasons.

The three most vital habits for life. There are countless healthy habits that improve our lives. But I’ve found that after I only practice three effectively, most others maintain themselves.

7 lies that result in a cluttered home. When asked what they most want to attain in life, nobody answers: “I just need to have as much clutter as possible.” Having more things than we’d like just isn’t something that folks purposely strive for. But in some way it does — despite being an enormous source of stress in our lives.

Whether you are reading Becoming Minimalist for a Week, Month, Year, or Longer, thanks. This blog owes its success to the support of its readers. Thank you for reading. And thanks for sharing these posts with others.

I’m looking forward to an exciting 2023.

I’m excited to supply Uninterrupted course again next yr (registration for the New Year’s edition will open on January 4). I will even remain lively making YouTube and Facebook videos and can proceed to post Simplify your warehouse and Simple Money magazine..

In addition to continuing to supply these precious resources, I’m looking forward to offering several latest resources over the approaching yr – including something only for Professional Degrutterers/Organizers and a latest project that might be more faith based than any I actually have created up to now.

Without a doubt, the concept of Becoming Minimalist will proceed to evolve and be redefined.

But this site will at all times stay true to its core message that more joy could be present in having lower than ever within the pursuit of more. We will proceed to ask as many individuals as possible to find this truth of their lives. And I hope you may join us.

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