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YoungPlanet: The app helping parents fill stockings this Christmas

YoungPlanet makes an enormous difference this Christmas for low-income families and people who are going through difficult financial times. The “Tech for Good” app wants to vary the way in which gifts are given this yr. They make it easy for folks to offer their children the gifts they deserve this holiday season.

To do that, YoungPlanet helps parents restock their kid’s stockings freed from charge, amid toy shortages and rising household costs. We all deserve a treat this yr, especially after the trials and hardships of the past few years. Rising food, fuel and bill costs, in addition to supply chain shortages add to the financial burden. Plus, job losses on account of the pandemic mean this time of yr could put many individuals in debt.

The YoungPlanet app currently has 1000’s of toys, including dollhouses, trucks, books, Legos and plush toys. Parents can apply for it freed from charge. The team behind this great initiative is encouraging parents to embrace the circular economy this Christmas. Plus. will help ease the financial burden on those that may find it difficult to buy gifts.

The app works by allowing parents to list items they not need or wish to other parents. After all, it’s the season of giving. It also prevents waste and landfill by allowing people to remove toys they not use from their homes. A sustainable circular economy is emerging at a time when the necessity to change our consumption habits to be more sustainable is bigger than ever.

The founders of the app – parents Jason and Emma Ash – hope this call for “gift sharing and gift giving” will enable families to enjoy Christmas this yr without financial pressure.

Jason comments:

By encouraging these roundabout, cashless transactions, YoungPlanet helped parents save 1000’s on baby essentials and prevented over 20,000 items from going to landfill. There are currently over 3,000 items available within the app.

To learn more, please visit youngplanet.com

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