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This Workout Shows Why Strength and Mobility Training Go Together Like PB&J

ABOUTYour workouts are sometimes segmented and separate: there are stretching sessions, strength training sessions, movement routines, and cardio days. But really, all of those ingredients are a part of the identical system that keeps our body healthy and powerful. Why don’t we mix them more often?

Strength training and mobility go together especially well, and for good reason. Mobility, or the power of a joint to maneuver through its full range of motion, is crucial to a full stretch in any given exercise. Think about it: if you could have tight hips or shoulders, you will not have the option to generate as much power when doing something just like the deadlift or shoulder press. According Tim Landicho, CSCS, home fitness platform trainer Tonala shorter range of motion leads to less force.

“Better range of motion [yields] higher force production – meaning more force! – while lifting,” Landicho previously told Well + Good.

This connection is obvious in the brand new 19-minute strength and mobility training, led by Executioner Atienzatrainer and co-owner Session in Brooklyn. For example, when performing a single leg deadlift with a lunge, Atienza instructs us to increase our arms towards the bottom as a kind of bar to point how far forward we should always lean (which ought to be parallel to the ground). When your hand reaches just above your foot, you may know you’ve got leaned forward enough.

“We’re not tapping the bottom, but it is going to be the benchmark for our range of motion,” says Atienza.

This allows your glutes and hamstrings to be fully engaged in the course of the movement as you come to a standing position, leading to maximum muscle activation.

Other moves like alternating Cossack squats and 90/90 hip extensions will work your joints and muscles concurrently, meaning you are doing double work on your health. Looser hips and shoulders, stronger upper body, lower body and core? Sounds like a classic combo in preparation.

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