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The right way to Beat the Skate Park Challenge in High on Life

If you found a skate park in High way of life and you must complete the challenge, it’s just a little harder than it looks. You must earn enough points to win the chest, so we’ll let you know exactly what you could do to simply get a high rating and prove you can’t skate in a skatepark or something.

if you happen to No If you found a skate park (why are you even on the lookout for it?), getting there may be pretty easy. You will need eight warp crystals which could be present in warp bases or chests. Once you’ve got them, head to the Blorto stand in Blim, which is true next to your home. Then just exchange the crystals for a warp disk on the skate park. Once you’ve got done that, you may go to any warp spot. I prefer those on the outskirts near the Schlooper Wreck (this is identical biome Dreg City is in) because there are two warp points near the door you create with the Bounty5000.

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Beat the challenge on the skatepark High way of life

Just go to certainly one of them and insert the warp disk into the skatepark and the park will appear. Look around and you will find three seated NPCs. Talk to them and so they’ll challenge you to attain over 42,000 points (and a few minor) of their skating challenge. Remember you may’t get a skateboard so you may be jumping. Beating this rating will not be difficult, but you could know what to do. The very best option to do that is to look up and note down any catch errors. What you must do as soon because the timer starts counting down is jump, grab onto certainly one of the worms, then grab again.

You might want to connect the grippers as you proceed the movement. Jumping will only increase your multiplier once, while grappling will increase it thrice, so you could grab as often as you may. With only a number of seconds left on the clock, drop down and stand on the bottom to build up your points. If done accurately, it is best to have over 50,000 points and a chest containing 1,000 pesos might be up for grabs. That’s all you could do to finish the skate park challenge High way of life.

High On Life Skate Park Challenge 3

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