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2022 – What just happened?

On equity:

“People will burn for this reason capital. People will still travel, they’ll just use their assets. They want access to this line of equity because they should repay their bank cards – they’re in debt.”

About rates of interest:

“As we go into 2022 and are available down from low rates, we try to remain optimistic that individuals will proceed to purchase properties, regardless of the rates, because they should live, they should have shelter and that remains to be cheaper than paying rent. But it has definitely gone from seller to buyer market because all first time home buyers cannot afford to pay $350,000-400,000 for a primary home on a single person’s salary and sometimes even in the event that they are buying a house for 2, they face down payment issues “.

Yury Shraybman broker at Innovative Mortgage Brokers in Philadelphia

In 2022 and beyond:

“It’s definitely been a tricky 12 months. The previous few years have been really good, but I do not think anyone expected it to decelerate so quickly. Raising bids so again and again within the last 12 months… it was huge. However, I think that 2023 guarantees to be excellent.

“We just got our positive monthly report for November and inflation is coming down – the Federal Reserve seems to have it under control. For this reason, the bond market – the long-term market – causes rates to start out falling, and the more inflation falls, the more rates will fall.”

On rates of interest and house prices:

“Seeing the stakes are on Fridays just isn’t great. They are definitely removed from what they were a 12 months and a half or two years ago, but also they are a lot better than they were a number of months ago. So I’m positive in regards to the mortgage industry in 2023. Many people should have the ability to refinance at lower rates – hopefully a number of percent lower – possibly sometime next 12 months.

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