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What Does the Bible Say About False Friends?

We all need friends because God created us to be connected to others in caring relationships. But we also should watch out about our friendships. The Bible warns that some people claim to be true friends but are literally false friends who can do us more harm than good. What Does the Bible Say About False Friends? Discovering this is crucial to having fun with healthy friendships.

Who are fake friends / easy methods to recognize them

Fake friends are individuals who initially seem like friends but then reveal that they’re too selfish and unreliable to be true friends. Sometimes they will speak and act caringly when it advantages them. However, after we ask them for something we want, we regularly see them running away from friendship because they’re concerned only with their very own needs. False friends are takers, not givers. They are self-absorbed and lack the compassion to actually look after others. Fake friends may trick us on purpose to get something they need. They can manipulate us. They may flatter us not because they really appreciate us, but because they need to persuade us to do something for them, like lend them money they do not intend to pay back. They can betray us. When we give them personal information, they could listen as in the event that they care, then turn around and gossip about us with others since it gets them the eye they crave. Finally, false friends have a negative, not a positive, impact on our relationship with God. While true friends encourage us in our faith, false friends are critical and discouraging. True friends bring us closer to God, while false friends distance us from God.

What Does the Bible Say About False Friends?

The Bible has many verses about false friends, including these key ones:

A Christian approach to coping with fake friends and setting boundaries

Your time and energy are limited, so don’t waste precious resources on fake friendships. By ditching relationships with fake friends, you may have the ability to construct more true friendships with people who find themselves caring and trustworthy. By constructing boundaries (rules for healthy interactions) in your friendships, you’ll help yourself and your folks benefit from the relationships God wants you to have. Here’s easy methods to cope with fake friends and set boundaries:

If you already know of course that somebody is a fake friend, end your friendship guilt-free. You haven’t got to feel guilty for pulling away from someone who treats you badly. Remember your incredible value as considered one of God’s beloved children. You need to be treated well – and if you happen to don’t, you must start protecting your well-being and living an honest life as a substitute of compromising for a false friend.

Be honest together with your feelings and wishes. Be open together with your friends and say how you’re feeling and what you would like, in all situations. Tell them exactly what you have to feel cared for and revered in your relationship with them, and ask them to let you know what they need from you to feel the identical. Talk openly about how best to set boundaries for all facets of your friendship, including how often you communicate, what to say to one another, what to ask of one another, how you must agree on decisions that affect each of you, and freedom share different opinions and comply with disagree with respect.

Don’t tolerate disrespect. Whenever a friend disrespects considered one of your boundaries, point it out and refuse to tolerate mistreatment. Let your folks know that you just care about them, but you would like them to learn to follow healthy boundaries so as on your friendship with them to last. Reaffirm your commitment to do the identical for them. If an argument arises if you arise to disrespect, ask God to send you each wisdom and peace to resolve the conflict and move forward with stronger friendship.

Focus on friends who need to catch up with to God with you. False friendships take you away from God, while true friendships bring you closer to Him. Choose friendships with individuals who need to grow in faith with you, putting spiritual things first. In my book Wake up a miracle, I explain research that shows how pursuing God’s miracle along with others promotes good behavior in relationships. When people encounter God’s miracle and feel awe, their brains change in ways in which result in goodness. The area of ​​the brain that establishes a way of self on the earth partially shuts down, while the realm that controls emotions becomes more lively and releases dopamine (a chemical that makes people feel good). As a result, people turn into more aware of their relationship with others and more motivated to decide on the great. People who give attention to God together are naturally capable of construct good friendships with one another.


Learning and applying what the Bible says about false friends is crucial to maintaining healthy friendships. God wants the most effective for you – in all facets of your life, including your friendships. As you and your folks center your lives in your relationship with God, God’s love will flow amongst you, empowering you to enjoy good friendships together.

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