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The Oldest Players at Qatar 2022

The World Championship is approaching and for a lot of players it would be the last time they’ll compete in it. How will the older players prepare for this event?

Oldest players in Qatar 2022

Last actualisation: November 18, 2022

Like every FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022 shall be a special event. For many players, this shall be the last likelihood to participate. In today’s article, we decided to try how the oldest players at Qatar 2022 and their current fitness status.

The time of 12 months this 12 months’s World Cup is happening just isn’t typical. The heatwave in Qatar forced them to maneuver it from the standard dates of June and July to November and December. This puts him right in the course of the season, which might make players higher prepared for competition, but additionally increase the chance of injury before or during competition.

Oldest players in Qatar 2022

Of the 832 players who will participate within the 2022 World Championships in Qatar, 239 are over 30 years old. 28% are greater than three a long time oldwhich is sort of old in soccer terms!

The oldest player in Qatar 2022 shall be Alfredo Talavera, goalkeeper of the Mexico national team, who’s 40 years old. In terms of outfield players, there are some 39-year-olds like Pepe from Portugal; Dani Alves from Brazil; Hutchinson from Canada; Pasveer from the Netherlands; and Kawashima from Japan.

Other famous soccer stars are more likely to attend their last World Cup attributable to their age, so now we’re going to try a few of these players to see how they prepare for Qatar 2022.


Pepe goes to the World Cup in Qatar attributable to a knee injury.

The Portuguese defender, who played for Real Madrid, will play his last World Cup in Qatar. This season he he played 11 matches for Porto, a team where he’s a very important player.

However, Pepe will arrive on the World Cup with an injury. He suffers from a knee injury that has prevented him from being energetic for the reason that first week of October. Despite this, he still hopes to feature in his team’s first match on Thursday, November 24, against Ghana.

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Dani Alves among the many oldest players in Qatar 2022

This steel brazilian defender, some of the decorated footballers in history, may even be 39 when Qatar 2022 kicks off. He is a very important member of his Pumas UNAM team from Mexico, for whom he has played 12 matches and 86% of the possible match time for the 2022-2023 season to date.

One thing that makes Dani Alves stand out is his good physical condition despite his age. He only suffered a minor knee injury this 12 months which ruled him out for lower than per week in early October. Although he probably won’t start for Brazil, he is offered should the coach wish to use him.

Steve Mandanda

French goalkeeper Steve Mandanda is 37 years old and he shall be the oldest player of the present world champions. The Zaire-born but naturalized French goalkeeper currently plays for Rennes, for whom he has made 13 appearances this season.

Like the 2 previous players, he He had knee problems this season. However, he was only sidelined for 11 days. Although France’s starting goalkeeper is Hugo Lloris, Mandanda shall be available to teach Didier Deschamps if he needs him.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano, certainly one of football’s great stars, arrives unhurt for Qatar 2022, although he hasn’t played many games this season.

The passage of time is relentless, and Cristiano Ronaldo won’t only be certainly one of the oldest players at Qatar 2022, but he will definitely play his last matches on the World Cup.

amongst A dispute with Manchester United, the striker arrives with low morale and few game minutes, 41% of the team’s total playing time. However, he can use this to his advantage and discover a likelihood to start out playing for his country again, after a season with 3 goals in 16 matches but with none injuries.

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Qatar’s oldest players 2022: Lionel Messi

Although goalkeeper Franco Armani is the oldest player in Argentina (36 years old), Messi is closely behind him (35 years old). The Paris Saint-Germain star will play in his fifth World Cup, which, in his own wordsit would probably be his last.

Lionel Messi arrives in Qatar in top form. With his club this season he played 13 matches (84% of minutes played), through which he scored 7 goals and recorded 10 assists. He also shone in the previous few matches played along with his national team.

As for injuries, “Leo” was closed for per week in early October. Reason? A muscle strain within the calf. He is in impeccable shape and really motivated to attempt to crown his profession with a World Cup.

The next older players who will say goodbye to the World Cup

In addition to those mentioned, Qatar 2022 will be the farewell to the World Cup for other players. Examples include Luka Modrić (37), Diego Godín (37), Manuel Neuer (36) and Sergio Busquets (34).

On the intense side, we’re sure to fulfill latest stars who will amaze us on the pitch, as happened with Kylian Mbappé in Russia 2018. Undoubtedly, a significant sporting event is approaching and all football fans cannot wait to cheer for his or her team to glory.

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