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Methods to arrange dual monitors on PC

The more you do in your computer, the more necessary screen space becomes. If you choose you ought to grow to be a streamer, content creator, or another need, you may up the ante by utilizing a second computer monitor. But how do you arrange two PC monitors and is it something a novice can do? Fortunately, the reply is yes.

Before we get into hooking all the things up and adjusting settings in your computer, it is advisable be sure that you will have all the things you wish and that you simply meet a number of prerequisites. First, there’s your computer. Does your graphics card have ports for a second or more displays? If you are using any modern system, you should not have any problems.

Knowing that your PC can handle a dual monitor setup, what exactly will you wish? The answer is kind of easy: a second monitor, the proper cables (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and even VGA) and a spot to place it. With all that taken care of, let’s arrange two PC monitors.

Step 1: Set up two monitors

Place the monitor on a desk or mount it and connect the display cable to the graphics card or CPU motherboard with integrated graphics.

Step 2: Enable the second monitor in Windows

This next step will be done in one among two ways. One way is to right-click on the desktop and choose “Display Settings”. The second is to go looking for “Display Settings” within the Windows Start menu.

In the settings menu (you may see it within the image below), you will notice a “Multiple screen” menu at the underside. For this purpose, you may select how the displays work. For a dual-monitor setup, select “Extend these displays.”

Step 3: Set the predominant monitor and display order

On the identical settings screen, return to the highest and choose “Identify” to know which monitor is about as Display 1 and Display 2. From there, you may select and drag the monitors to set the order and position you would like. Once you are blissful along with your order, select the monitor you would like to set as your primary display by clicking on it, scrolling down and checking the “Make this your primary display” box.

Step 4: Other notes

After completing the steps above, try to be able to use your latest dual monitor setup. That said, there are a number of other quality of life options you may change from the identical settings screen.

For example, if you happen to’re like me and wish one monitor horizontally and the opposite vertically, you may simply change the “Display Orientation” drop-down menu to either “Portrait” or “Portrait (Inverted)”. You can even turn HDR on and off in case your monitors have it together with the dimensions, layout and determination setting. At this point, it’s all right down to personal preference for one of the best experience.

Once you have set all the things as much as your liking, there isn’t any method to return to a single-monitor setup.

(Screenshot from PC Invasion)

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