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Elon Musk assistant Steve Davis reportedly slept in Twitter HQ with wife, baby

Elon Musk’s loyalist, who’s running to turn into Twitter’s CEO, slept on the social media company’s San Francisco headquarters along with his partner and their newborn baby just days after giving birth.

Steve Davis, the 43-year-old CEO of Musk’s tunneling company The Boring Company, was sleeping in an office at Twitter headquarters along with his partner, real estate asset manager Nicole Hollander, and their toddler, based on Information.

Former Twitter employees told The Information that Davis was one among the primary to spend the night at the corporate’s San Francisco headquarters after Musk accomplished its $44 billion acquisition of the social media app on October 27.

He has since made regular appearances within the constructing – a lot in order that Musk relied on him to run the corporate, reports The Information.

Sources told The Information that Davis, who was tasked with reducing Twitter’s annual operating costs by $500 million, managed to scale back that quantity by nearly doubling by terminating contracts and renegotiating other

Davis, 43, reportedly slept at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters with his wife and their newborn baby just days after giving birth.
Davis, 43, reportedly slept at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters along with his wife and their newborn days after she gave birth.
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“Everything is negotiable,” Davis reportedly told his employees.

The Post reached out to Musk and Davis for comment.

Musk recently hinted that he plans to step down as CEO of Twitter – fueling speculation that Davis could possibly be in line to succeed him.

Davis’ candidacy to exchange Musk is taken into account unusual provided that he doesn’t have a Twitter account and has no experience working on social media or coping with the advertisers that drive online revenue streams.

In the two months since he headed Twitter, Musk has overhauled the company's operations.
In the 2 months since he took over Twitter, Musk has overhauled the corporate’s operations.
AFP via Getty Images

But he has apparently earned Musk’s trust since he was an up-and-coming aerospace engineer who worked for rocket giant company SpaceX, based on The Information.

A couple of days after Musk accomplished the Twitter acquisition, he called Davis, who was on his approach to the airport, Insider reports. Reportedly, Musk told Davis he was needed back at Twitter headquarters.

Hollander and their newborn joined Davis shortly after, reports The Information. It just isn’t known when Hollander gave birth or on what specific day Davis and his family began sleeping in offices on Twitter, although the general public baby registry indicated that the due date was October 19.

Davis, an aerospace engineer by trade, is considered a fierce Musk loyalist.
Davis (right) is an aerospace engineer by trade and is taken into account a fierce Musk loyalist.

While nursing the newborn, Hollander attended meetings to debate Twitter’s real estate situation, based on a tech release.

Much of the office space at Twitter’s headquarters was was makeshift hotel rooms in the times and weeks after Musk took over.

Images that went viral on social media of exhausted Twitter employees sleeping in the corporate’s offices prompted San Francisco city officials to launch a constructing code violation investigation.

Following the acquisition, Musk issued an edict requiring software engineers and developers to commit to working across the clock to review application operations.

Musk eventually fired greater than half of the corporate’s developers and engineers – a move he said was crucial to maintain Twitter afloat.

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