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Destiny 2 Revision Zero holders unlock Sparrow with exploit

Destiny 2 Revision Zero owners are using an exploit to bypass the time gate feature, which should prevent them from shooting down all 50 of the sport’s newly introduced security drones. The exploit allows them to acquire the Exotic Sparrow seemingly ahead of the developers’ intentions, because the game seems to limit the player’s access to certain areas in the sport where they’ll find these drones.

The Destiny 2 Revision Zero Exotic mission dropped this week for all Destiny 2 Season 19 Pass owners. The latest Pulse Rifle features shield-piercing bullets designed to interrupt the shields of powerful heroes with barriers. However, after obtaining weapons from an exotic mission, players quickly realized that they may use them to shoot at the safety drones that recently appeared on the map.

Players have determined that shooting down all 50 drones with Zero Revision will unlock a Seasonal Triumph and a reward: a latest Exotic Sparrow. However, Bungie hid some drones in areas the team was imagined to be off-limits to players for the remainder of the season. Destiny 2 developers occasionally time-limit content to tease activities and make sure that latest activities are repeatedly released throughout the season within the live FPS game.

But the Guardians quickly found a workaround. The laser trick from Destiny 2 allowing players to bypass door traps, together with ricochet missiles in Revision Zero, allows players to succeed in otherwise inaccessible areas to shoot hidden drones.

Destiny YouTuber Jarv shows players tips on how to exploit a laser trap loophole to realize access to a forbidden area and shoot considered one of them.

Shooting all 50 grants players a latest Sparrow called Archangel’s Refit. While it’s a singular looking Sparrow, it’s perhaps more exciting for players to unlock a Triumph that ought to otherwise be blocked by in-game time controls.

Bungie has recently been the topic of criticism from gamers after the developer suggested that the problem of hiding secrets from data scientists is considered one of the the explanation why the sport appears to be relatively rare for giant community-driven mysteries like Whisper of the Worm Quest. However, Bungie later clarified its statement by suggesting that the sport contained some secrets in its latest season. The drone shooting challenge appears to be considered one of them because it is just not listed as a quest and is solely an additional challenge players can complete along with the sport’s seasonal content.

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