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Tinder Swindler – 7 Red Flags to Avoid Romantic Scam

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When the Netflix True-Crime documentary, Tinder scammer was released in early February, I watched the video up close as I’m committed to helping singles enjoy secure online dating.

The seek for love and the allure of fairy-tale romance is tempting for singles, especially those wanting a relationship after a heartbreak.

Each 12 months, organizations including the FBI, BBB, and FTC warn singles searching for love online in regards to the telltale signs of an romance scammer. During the pandemic, the numbers increased dramatically, and the query of whether dating apps are secure was magnetized after which reinforced by the film.

Although Tinder dater “Simon Leviev”, born Shimon Hayut, could use any dating or social networking app, he selected Tinder for his profile. He communicated on What’s App for many of his messages and calls to the ladies he pursued. Hayut even legally modified his name to Leviev to match the surname of Israel’s billionaire diamond king. He called himself the “prince of diamonds” to persuade women that he got here from a wealthy family.

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How to identify a romance scam?

With all of the noise from Tinder scammer video, listed here are seven red flags to assist keep you secure while looking for love on mobile dating apps and IRL.

  1. Excessive bragging. on profiles, when someone brags about money or poses in front of fancy cars that is probably not theirs, it is a red flag. Talking a few lavish lifestyle with private jets and constant travel is reason to stop. Tinder Swindler bragged about his money, traveled the world, and all the time wore expensive designer clothes.
  2. They live abroad. If the person you are talking to lives outside the country, it’s easier for them to catch someone and lead a double life. In the documentary, Simon charmed women from London, Sweden and Amsterdam, but not from his native Israel.
  3. Request for communication outside the dating app. Dating safety is a priority for all of us within the industry and we encourage you to make use of the chat feature within the app to trace your communications. Staying within the app helps us have a look at suspicious profiles and activity. Simon immediately moved his dating communications to What’s App.
  4. Jumping into an easy relationship. When you are communicating through an app, it is a red flag if someone says “I really like you” too quickly or says they’ve never felt that form of connection before. The stalker will probably immediately determine the connection and ask you for exclusivity in order that you are feeling secure due to his love for you. Simon sped up his relationship. His text messages indicated that he desired to live with one woman and marry one other at the identical time.
  5. He showers you with Expensive Gifts. I say watch out for the love bomber that sends fancy roses and excessive gifts to win your heart. Simon sent his date an enormous flower arrangement. He took her on a non-public plane to a complicated hotel for a spontaneous first date to impress her and gain her trust.
  6. They claim they’re too busy to satisfy. Simon was a jetliner traveling the world. Someone who leads a double life can juggle multiple victims while pretending to give attention to one person. Often the scammer plans and breaks plans and doesn’t meet in person, benefiting from his busy work schedule.
  7. Emergency requests for money. The crying story begins with a crisis situation, which can include an issue at work, comparable to difficulty getting paid from a client, a medical emergency, or needing a plane ticket to go to you. In Simon’s case, he claimed his life was in peril on the earth of diamonds and asked his trusted victims to send him money with the promise of repayment. He often became offended and irritable when his victims hesitated to pass.
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Be hopeful, be secure

While Tinder scammer ranks in the highest ten on Netflix, know that there are wonderful and sincere people who find themselves searching for a meaningful relationship and are ready to satisfy you. Not every romantic has ulterior motives.

But remember to guard your heart and never open your wallet. Report any suspicious activity to the dating app by clicking on the ellipses (3 dots) in your profile or chat thread.

Fortunately, Simon’s profile isn’t any longer on Tinder, and the world’s hottest dating app recently updated its profile Security Center with tips about the best way to avoid a romance cheater and make it easier to report an abusive profile.

I say it is very essential to guard your heart and wallet. Take the time to get to know someone and do not rush into a direct relationship. If you are supposed to be together, benefit from the courtship process along with your head and heart.

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