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Luka Modrić’s Secret to Stay Relevant in Soccer and Make it to Qatar 2022

Luka Modric is 36, but looks 20 on the pitch. The secret appears to be his personal trainer, a former Croatian runner.

Luka Modric's secret to staying important in football and getting to Qatar 2022

Last actualisation: December 22, 2022

Luka Modric seems to have a secret: on the age of 37, he’s fast, agile and dynamic, an undisputed competitor and almost never gets injured. So how does he do it?

Everyone knows that at Real Madrid his problem solving, assisting and running speed is best than his teammates. Moreover, as captain of the Croatia national football team, he holds records that other teammates will take some time to realize.

He has 159 caps for Croatia and 160 within the 2022 Qatar semi-final, meaning he’ll end the yr with 161 caps. He made his national debut in March 2006 against Argentina, in the identical match where Messi scored his first goal in his country’s shirt.

This yr, his fourth World Cup is held in Qatar. He also has three European Championships to his credit.

Vlatko Vucetic’s method applied to Luka Modrić

Some whisper that Luka Modric’s secret is his personal kinesiologist: Vlatko Vucetic. He is a former skilled 5k track and field runner and Croatian track and field champion.

His motion methods are utilized in various disciplines, including football. Yes Yes motion training will make Luka Modric unstoppable? We analyze it.

According to the kinesiologist, his training plan for all of the athletes he prepares relies on 8 facets:

  1. Health and lifestyle
  2. Morphological parameters
  3. motor skills
  4. motor knowledge
  5. energy capability
  6. Aerobic and anaerobic capability
  7. Cognitive aspects and intelligence
  8. Socio-economic status and family

For a Croatian skilled, all are necessary. They make up the entire athlete, and neglecting any one in every of them is sufficient to cause a decline in performance.

Anyway, his strength is the scientific evaluation of people that determine to coach with him. Using technological methods and knowledge gathered from his experience as a runnerit measures certain body composition parameters that give it an idea of ​​what an athlete’s muscles and bones are like.

These data are combined with assessments of the athletes’ performance capabilities. In other words, it consistently analyzes how they run, how agile they’re, what state their reflexes are in, whether they can stretch, whether or not they jump roughly, whether or not they react with speed, whether or not they have the strength to run or sprint.

This results in an idea that is vital to the Vucetic methodology: motor intelligence. This idea is just not an invention of the kinesiologist, but is a component of the medication of ball sports.

For example, a magazine article calls it “motor intelligence.” Sports culture it calls it a warehouse, for instance Physical or kinesthetic intelligence. It’s about knowing what to do with the ball once you’ve got it, planning moves at high speed and executing them with precision. Luka Modric is an authority on this.

To play sports with the ball, you could develop motor intelligence in order that your reactions to the ball are quick.

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Today’s players need different skills

Football has modified and Vucetic knows it. Athletes on this sport can now not be similar to they were 15 years ago. The proof is within the fields.

Now football is quicker, more energetic, more powerful… Nowadays, most players have a person fitness coach. Some clubs do not like it, but I do not agree with it.

~ Vlatko Vucetic ~

The best soccer players on the earth with the ball are fast, have physiques developed in a special way for performing and follow a dietary routine prepared by professionals. Having a physique to be among the many elite requires training with almost no holidays.

Luka Modric receives routines from his kinesiologist even when he’s on vacation and out of season. According to the identical coach, he encouraged him to play tennis, for instance, since it is something that a Real Madrid player enjoys.

Cross-training is becoming increasingly common in soccer. They consist of practicing a discipline that enhances the abilities needed on the sphere, but doesn’t involve using the ball. This is what Lewandowski does, for instance, with martial arts.

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Luka Modric runner circuit training

Vucetic was a runner with an awesome trajectory. For this reason, his methods integrate routine and running knowledge.

One of the 8 points of the Croat’s plan is to enhance aerobic and anaerobic capability. This is achieved with running sessions that alternating intense or fast bursts and longer onescontinuous running sessions.

Beato and associates, w article from 2021has collected the scientific evidence that exists concerning the advantages of sprint at footballers. This is a sprint above the utmost regeneration capability in a short while. Then rest long enough and return to intensity.

It’s not routine for many players. How publication in British Journal of Sports Medicine registered, training is sort of all the time based on running certain distances at a leisurely pace, pondering that this simulates a 90-minute match duration.

Luka Modric is explosive on the pitch because he’s I can do it sprints what he is ready for. At the identical time, he manages energy in the course of the two halves of the competition, running when needed and resting in the center. It’s a really similar technique to Messi’s.

His muscles respond immediately because of the motor intelligence he’s been working on with Vcetic. He is a runner on the football field.

Elastic straps to avoid injury

According to a Croatian kinesiologist, using rubber bands is the important thing to maintaining flexibility and elasticity from muscle fibers. Exercises with these attachments are really useful in his routines.

For everyone, rubber bands are one of the best strategy to train. This is one of the best strategy to avoid injury. If you have a look at Modric’s last seven or eight years, he’s had almost no injuries.

~ Vlatko Vucetic ~
Training with rubber bands is suitable for people of all ages. From young people to the elderly.

But along with stopping injury, teams are a part of one of the best procedures for increasing motor intelligence. This has been demonstrated by A study by Phil Page this explains how these instruments correct muscular imbalances and improve sensorimotor perception; that’s, the brain of the person using them becomes more efficient at recognizing how their body is in space and the way they’ll react.

Luka Modric until the age of 40

More and more elite soccer players are over 30 years old they usually are still developing. Luka Modrić is one other representative of this tribe of athletes who maintain their physique and qualities without detriment to age.

According to Vucetic, his pupil could easily live to be 40 years old, playing at this pace and appearing for Real Madrid. The Spanish club signed him in 2012 for €30 million. The investment was justified.

In the Croatian national team, he’s one in every of the experienced ones who take care of the newcomersthose that represent renewal. Many of his teammates for Russia 2018 aren’t any longer playing at an expert level.

But amid the changes, Luka Modric manages to make his way back to the semi-finals of the world cup. He continues to make history in his home jersey. He contributed to the defeat of favored Brazil and kicked the penalty with the calmness that only age can bring.

I’m very completely satisfied that after 4 years I’m in one other semi-final. It’s a powerful thing. We were almost lost, we were left to die, but we showed once more that we never quit.

~ Luka Modric on the press conference after the match against Brazil ~

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