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Honey or Sugar: Do You Know Which is Higher?

In this text, we’ll discuss the honey vs sugar dilemma: which is healthier? What other sweeteners can be found?

Honey or sugar: do you know which is better?

Last actualisation: December 14, 2022

There are some ways to sweeten an infusion or dessert and you could be wondering which is the healthiest (or least harmful): honey or sugar?

Perhaps you eat natural herbal teas, wish to drop some weight or are one in every of the numerous chemicals that white sugar often accommodates. Therefore, in this text we’ll tell about a contest between honey and sugar: which sweetener will win?

Natural honey and artificial honey

Before we start talking concerning the differences between honey and sugar, it should first be clarified that there are two various kinds of honey: natural honey and artificial honey. Natural honey is A a product that has not undergone any processingso it’s in its natural state. It can be often known as raw honey.

On the opposite hand, artificial honey must undergo various thermal processes to extend its durability. The idea is that it may well stay on the shelf for a certain time frame without affecting its quality.

In general, and as advised experts, all sorts of honey are high in sugar and low in water and acidity. The fundamental difference between the 2 varieties of honey is that thermal processes can change its composition, eliminating some minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. In this sense, it’s all the time price selecting essentially the most natural product.

Is honey healthier than sugar?

Although nutritionists indicate this it’s all the time higher to drink tea without sweetener, is greater than usual the need so as to add something that gives a sweet taste. This is when we wish to know which option is essentially the most suitable: honey or sugar.

If we’re talking about honey (so long as it’s organic), we now have to say that it sweetens greater than refined sugars. It too provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All this set of nutrients may help prevent colds, sore throats and the flu research conducted on rats in 2016.

A small amount of honey sweetens rather more than a spoonful of sugar. In reference to, we’ll need less to get the identical (or higher) ends in desserts or infusions.

We mustn’t leave this aside either Refined sugar provides empty calories. This implies that it doesn’t contain nutrients, vitamins or minerals.

Honey made out of the nectar of flowers gives us m good amount of water and a few dietary properties.

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Honey or sugar: differences and similarities

Foods containing easy sugars cause hunger, and within the medium and long run can negatively affect our health.

The fundamental difference between each sweeteners is the style of sugar that every of them provides us with.

For starters, refined or white sugar accommodates almost pure sucrose. Honey, however, accommodates fructose and glucose, although the previous outweighs the latter. Still, it is best to know that fructose has a lower glycemic index than glucose and sucrose.

As for the taste, those that have tried the 2 will have the opportunity to substantiate the differences. Sugar is sweeter because of its sucrose content, but honey allows us to enjoy different flavors depending on the flowers with which it was produced.

In favor of sugar in gastronomy, it may well be identified that it has the so-called the flexibility to caramelize and use as cake decorations. In addition, its consistency makes it ideal for certain preserves and dishes. But take note that honey is not far behind: you need to use it to thicken cereal bars and add flavor to recipes.

To learn more concerning the differences and similarities between honey and sugar, we’ll leave you a brief compilation of its properties in line with experts: per 100 grams:

  • Glycemic index: honey (58), sugar (60)
  • Water: honey (17 grams), sugar (0.03 grams)
  • Sugars: honey (80 grams), sugar (99.99 grams)
  • Calories: honey (300), sugar (387)
  • Calcium: honey (6 milligrams), sugar (1 milligram)
  • Magnesium: honey (2 milligrams), sugar (0 milligrams)
  • Phosphorus: honey (4 milligrams), sugar (0 milligrams)
  • Potassium: honey (52 milligrams), sugar (2 milligrams)

Myths about honey

Like oatmeal, evidence supports the positive effects of honey on the skin. It may even function an adjuvant for some dermatological problems.

So far, we have told you objectively what each sweetener offers so you’ll be able to draw your personal conclusions. Doctor Gabe Mirkinnutrition expert explains why there are not any huge differences between the usage of honey and sugar.

Well, when sugar enters the body (whether from an apple, cake or tea with honey) it’s all the time treated the identical way. The difference is what “other stuff” this food leaves us with after eating the sweets.

Many imagine that honey is less fattening than sugar, and this can be a common myth that revolves around honey. At the identical time, it is usually said that it’s a faster source of energy, which can be not true.

If we analyze a spoonful of sugar and a spoonful of honey, the primary may have 64 calories and the second 46 (plus water). However, this difference just isn’t that significant.

Why? Well, because to get the identical “sweet” effect, you have to one tablespoon of sugar or one and a half tablespoons of honey. Therefore, you shall be adding the identical proportion of calories to your body.

For a few years, honey has been used to treat allergic conditions with none research confirming its effectiveness. However, research published in 2021 have shown that this product is ready to cut back the recruitment of inflammatory cells in these kinds of conditions.

On the opposite hand, the aforementioned study showed that honey relieves allergic symptoms in some patients. However, further research remains to be needed to find out the mechanisms of motion.

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So honey or sugar?

There are many options for adding a sweet taste to food and drinks, and so they all have their pros and cons.

In fact, all of it relies on our individual preferences. While we are able to go for honey because of its naturalness, we even have the choice of selecting the latter because we’ll need it a smaller amount to sweeten tea, coffee or cake.

There are some ways so as to add a sweet taste to food and drinks. You haven’t got to be so categorical and lean towards one alternative.

The truth is that lots of the foods we buy contain “empty” sugars or sweeteners. Therefore, it might be a very good idea to make use of honey in what we decide to sweeten (e.g. infusion or homemade cake). The excellent news is that there are lots of other sweetening options than honey or sugar:

  • Stevia
  • dates
  • coconut sugar
  • Agave syrup

Likewise, let’s not forget mascabo or macabados sugar (which accommodates honey) and molasses from cereals resembling rice, corn or barley.

As you’ll be able to see, the advantages of honey or sugar for sweetening meals are usually not as different as you may think. Both products provide a really similar amount of calories and have the identical effect on glycemic control. In this sense, you’ll have to think about the particular benefits of every and select the one which you’re thinking that is best for you.

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