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When a man likes you… All you will have to do is exist

One day my friend Ashley got here to me. She was dating a really confused man and needed help to figure all of it out.

They’d been on a number of dates and gave the impression to be doing rather well, but she wasn’t quite sure where his head was. Sometimes he seemed genuinely interested, other times he didn’t appear to care less.

After their last date, he hadn’t really given any indication that she’d hear from him again. He didn’t say he’d call, he didn’t say they need to do it again sometime. It just hung to the left and spun around like a top.

Did I say something improper on a date? Should I even have sent a thanks message? Maybe it’s because I didn’t text thanks and he thinks I even have the precise to. When should I write to him? What should I write to him? There was a moment within the night when my stomach began to hurt and I winced… possibly he thought he was rejecting me???

Most of all, she desired to know one thing: how do I make him like me?

I listened sympathetically and said, “Ashley, if a man really likes you, you simply should exist.

Exist?” She said surprised.

“Yes,” I reassured her. “Exist. He already knows you want him. You’ve taken his dates, answered his texts, kissed him back… he knows!

“Okay. That’s it. I’ll just exist.”

So she still existed and the guy showed up a few times nevertheless it was pretty clear he wasn’t great at it and that was the tip of it. And Ashley didn’t really feel that bad after the very fact. By not doing what she all the time did up to now, over-analysing, doing all of the work and attempting to get things back on target, she stopped investing further in the connection and it wasn’t so crushing when it ended.

Here’s the thing, when a man really likes you, you do not have to to do anything.

You do not have to plot, plan or develop a technique. You do not have to create perfect text. You do not have to prepare random, deliberate clashes. You need not send emissaries in the shape of your folks to gather data on how he’s doing. You need not delve into his social media to know his story and match up with what you’re thinking that he wants. Stop working so hard.

All you’ll be able to do is send him some green light signals. Be warm, open, smile and show interest in him. If you ought to be a little bit bolder and take step one, go ahead. But that is all. Then you will have to go away him some space for him to come back to you… and if he likes you, he’ll want do it. He also needs the space to decide on you, to speculate in you, that is how he starts caring for you. And vice versa can also be true! This is the way you construct interest, which grows as you spend money on someone.

Let’s return to Ashley for a moment. You see, she’s all the time been the doer. She all the time resisted my advice to provide the guy the space to decide on her.

Before the guy within the story I told earlier, there was one other guy. He was a man she’d been friends with for some time, after which she began getting feelings for him. Now that they were friends, she thought possibly he didn’t know she had feelings for him. She decided to be a little bit brave and direct and decided to ask him.

And he said yes!

However… finding time to exit proved not possible. There was all the time an excuse, something all the time popped up on the last minute. But he assured Ashley that he would did really wants to this point her.

And Ashley obediently followed them, trying to seek out a day and time that might suit each of them. They finally went on a date…and had an ideal time!

But there was no flow after that. I just felt it needed to be forced. And she did lots more work than he did…but he was all the time open. He all the time wrote back, agreed on dates, showed up (when he wasn’t too busy and canceled and rescheduled a whole lot of times).

They left a number of more times, then he roasted her.

So what went improper? Basically, they fell right into a passive loop of reciprocity. She held out her hand and he was receptive because he was a little bit inquisitive about her… Magnificent into her… and he or she’ll start working again… and he’ll respond for a similar reasons, so the loop continued until he finished or found another person to this point, we never discovered what it was.

Now, if she had never pursued him, this relationship would never have happened. She principally forced something with a man who was only lukewarm interested at best.

It wasn’t him who felt sad and rejected when it ended, it was her.

When a man really likes you, you will not should work as hard. It’s not in the character of a person to see a possibility with a lady he likes after which not take it.

Besides, do you really need to be with someone you will have to chase? Someone who leaves you with no sense of where you stand? This just isn’t healthy or sustainable.

Now, there are definitely things you’ll be able to do to change into more likable. You can work in your positive attitude, your self-esteem, exercise to feel good, work on being happier, pursue your passions, all this stuff.

So take responsibility for what’s under your control, which is yourself.

Stop taking responsibility for what you will have no control over, and that is how someone will feel. You just cannot control it, everyone has different desires and preferences.

Learn the art existence.

Because that is one of the best a part of being in a healthy relationship with someone who sees and appreciates you, you’ll be able to just to be.

So stop act and begin existence.

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