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Elon Musk isn’t serious about giving power to a brand new CEO

Elon Musk said on Tuesday that he would still be accountable for Twitter’s software and server teams after he resigned as CEO to “someone silly enough to take over.” he broke messages in response to a poll he conducted earlier this week through which some 58 percent of respondents said he should step down as CEO.

Given that the social networking site is generally made up of software and servers (especially after the mass layoffs), it’s clear that Musk will still have direct control of the corporate even when he doesn’t have a transparent CEO title. This isn’t necessarily a surprise; Musk has de facto control over products at most of his corporations and still owns Twitter at the tip of the day. But this announcement likely spells disappointment for anyone hoping his resignation as CEO will end Twitter’s wild roller coaster ride.

While Musk he identified While he’s mostly focused on Twitter users who’re willing to pay him for the service, there’s one other group of individuals he must please: Tesla shareholders. corporate the share price fell since Musk bought Twitter, losing almost $100 in value since November 1, to about $137 when markets closed on Tuesday.

musk has, a couple of timeshe charged decline in rates of interest making saving more attractive than investing, but some Tesla shareholders have raised concerns in regards to the company’s engineers working on Twitter and the way Musk’s Twitter antics resonate at his other corporations. “The only problem is the optic of the CEO discussing Hunter Biden’s problems on Twitter on daily basis,” said Ross Gerber, head of an organization invested in Tesla, According to Business informant. Since then, Musk has also sold Tesla shares for billions promised to stop doing it this spring (i again in summer). It seems likely that among the money from Tesla’s sale went to support Twitter.

Unfortunately for the shareholders of Tesla, a bunch that features Musk, whose shares once made him the richest man on the planet until the share price fell it cost him the title — It doesn’t appear to be Musk goes to depart Twitter anytime soon. Sure, whoever he gets as CEO could also be tasked with attempting to rally advertisers and policy makers who’re eyeing Twitter’s latest leadership with suspicion. But when it comes to Twitter that folks actually use, it looks like Elon will still be Chief Twit.

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