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Nevada’s Pepper Spray Laws: An Overview

Pepper spray is an important, versatile self-defense option that could be carried where other guns cannot, and can be legal in all 50 states.

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However, residents who wish to hold pepper spray must know the laws governing pepper spray within the state where they live or travel to.

Nevada is a state with good, generally acceptable pepper spray and other defenses laws within the hands of civilians.

There is a slight capability limit on tear gas, but otherwise you have got wide leeway with the variety of formula and size of canister you wish.

Read on and we’ll inform you every thing you’ll want to learn about Nevada’s pepper spray laws.

Your Nevada pepper spray passport

The following summaries outline crucial things you’ll want to learn about Nevada’s pepper spray laws:

  • Convicted felons may not possess or possess pepper spray or other defenses in Nevada.
  • Traditional pepper spray, OC, and CS-based tear gas are legal in Nevada.
  • When carrying tear gas, the overall capability of the dispenser is restricted to not more than 2 ounces of solution, including any inert ingredients.
  • All CS-based defensive aerosols should have the manufacturer’s name and serial number on the dispenser and have to be legible. It is a criminal offense to remove or carry a dispenser with obliterated identification information.

We’ll go into far more detail below.

Can you legally carry pepper spray in Nevada?

Yes. Pepper spray is perfectly legal to hold in Nevada as a civilian, whether you must wear it openly or covertly.

You don’t need a special permit or a concealed gun permit to hold pepper spray in Nevada.

You may store pepper spray or other defensive sprays in your automobile within the glove box or open should you like.

How Much Pepper Spray Can You Carry in Nevada?

The amount of defensive spray you may carry in Nevada is restricted by the variety of spray.

Original pepper sprays haven’t any capability limits, while tear gas sprays are limited to not more than 2 ounces of solution within the dispenser, including any inert ingredients.

You’ll wish to read the next excerpt from the Nevada state statute to get all the small print on tear gas dishing out capability limits:

No. 202.370 – Definitions.

202.370 through 202.440, inclusive, to small arms containing “CS” tear gas, and to certain members of law enforcement, prison and military personnel.

1. The provisions of NRS 202.370 through 202.440 inclusive don’t apply to sale or purchase by an adult or possession or use by any person, including a minor but excluding a convicted person as defined in NRS 179C.010, in any type of:

(a) A cartridge that accommodates not greater than 2 fluid ounces by volume of “CS” tear gas, which could also be air or gas propelled, but just isn’t explosive, in aerosol form; or

(b) A firearm designed to make use of a cartridge that doesn’t exceed this size,

and which is designed and intended for use as a self-defense tool.

What pepper spray formulas are legal in Nevada?

There are only two varieties of defensive sprays legal in Nevada for civilian use. The first is real pepper spray or OC. The second is CS-based tear gas. The law doesn’t mention the legality of mixtures.

Note that these two distinctions are derived from the definition of tear gas present in NRS 202.370.

Specifically excluded from the definition of tear gas is any liquid, gaseous or solid substance containing an energetic ingredient constructed from or derived from natural substances that doesn’t cause everlasting injury.

Since pepper spray accommodates the energetic ingredient capsicum oleoresin, the very same compound that makes hot peppers hot doesn’t fall inside the definition of tear gas.

The definition of tear gas from NRS 202.370 is slightly below.

No. 202.370 – Definitions.

2. “Tear gas” includes any liquid, gaseous or solid substance intended to be vaporized or otherwise dispersed into the air to cause temporary physical discomfort or everlasting injury. The term doesn’t include liquid, gaseous or solid substances whose energetic ingredient consists of natural substances or products derived from natural substances which don’t cause everlasting damage by evaporation or other dispersion within the air.

When is it legal to make use of pepper spray in Nevada?

You may use pepper spray or a tear gas dispenser to guard yourself or another person from the approaching illegal use of force against you, so long as the usage of defensive force is proportionate to the threat.

What does it mean? This implies that you can’t pepper spray someone to win an argument or because someone verbally criticizes you.

You can use pepper spray on someone who looks like they wish to hit you or threaten to hit you by invading your personal space.

The use of pepper spray in defense, while considered minimal force within the eyes of the law in most jurisdictions, continues to be force and should carry legal consequences.

Frequently asked questions

What is the strongest pepper spray you may wear in Nevada?

There are not any specific limits or regulations regarding the potency of any spray defense formulations.

However, the characteristic of such aerosols, whether or not they are pepper sprays or tear gas, is that they don’t cause lasting damage in normal use.

If you purchase a defense spray product from a good, large manufacturer, it is best to not worry.

On the opposite hand, buying from an obscure, brand recent or obviously shady seller can expose you to serious legal liability.

For the identical reason, it is best to never attempt to brew your personal incredibly strong pepper spray. If your pepper spray causes the last injury to the attacker, you might have an issue.

Will you go to jail should you pepper spray someone?

Yes, quite possible. As mentioned about pepper spray, even though it is sort of at all times considered minimal force, is it still considered force against one other person.

Only in rare cases will the police clear you of committing an offense on the scene of a stand-up in self-defense following the incident.

You should expect detention and do not be surprised should you go to jail. Preparing for this eventuality with an attorney is a vital a part of any self-defense plan.

Is pepper spray considered a deadly weapon?

No, pepper spray just isn’t considered a lethal weapon anywhere within the United States, at the very least not by definition.

But again, if the usage of pepper spray causes serious injury or death to the attacker, either directly or because of this of second-order effects, the usage of pepper spray could also be penalized accordingly.

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