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Lionel Messi Jerseys Are Sold Out In all places

Beloved football superstar Lionel Messi claimed his first ever World Cup victory over the weekend against Argentina after scoring twice for the team – and fans all over the world are wanting to show their support for the athlete.

Adidas, the official supplier of Messi’s Argentine jersey, has confirmed down CNN that the shirt is sold out worldwide on account of “extraordinary demand” from football fans all over the world.

Quick company inquiry shows the location Messi kits are out of stock, including the ladies’s version of the shirt.

“Since their historic win, we have produced a variety of immediately available holiday kits, and we’ll even be making a brand new edition of their iconic three-star jersey to rejoice their third World Cup for fans all over the world as soon as possible,” Adidas said in an interview. with an outlet.

Messi helped Argentina to victory in Qatar on Sunday in an intense and historic World Cup match against France, where his team won on penalties.

Finally winning the title, Messi also kicked off a record-breaking moment for an athlete off the pitch: probably the most liked Instagram post of all time.

On Monday, the champion took to the platform to share a snapshot of moments from the massive match, led by one shot of Messi excitedly holding the World Cup trophy.

As of Tuesday morning, the photo had been liked greater than 62,203,420 times, with excited teammates and fans thanking Messi in a comment section that was flooded with Argentinian flags.

The Instagram record was previously held by an account named @world_record_eggwho received nearly 57 million likes for a photograph of an egg that was created to dethrone Kylie Jenner, who then set a record of 18 million likes for birth announcement her daughter Stormi.

Argentina’s weekend win was the country’s first win in 36 years of the cup. Messi plays for Paris Saint-Germain within the regular season, having transferred from FC Barcelona last August.

Messi’s net value was estimated at $130 million as of May Forbesrating first within the rating of the highest-paid athletes in 2022.

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