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Inspiring simplicity. Weekend reading.

Fill your life with stories to inform, not things to point out.

The Simplicity/Minimalism Movement is a fantastic community. And I welcome any opportunity to advertise writing that encourages people to live more by having less.

Feel free to make yourself a cup of warm coffee, cocoa or tea. Find a moment of peace this weekend. And enjoy a couple of encouraging words that may encourage your life today to be more easy.

This 100-year-old rule of ordering could also be just what you must finally master a minimalist home | life etc by Lilith Hudson. Sometimes following a straightforward rule could also be all you must enable you, and that is why there are clever little maxims just like the 80/20 rule.

The minimalist lifestyle taught me 5 vital life lessons | No sidebar by Jessalynn Jones. My value as a human being has nothing to do with the things I own. In fact, having less has helped me grow and develop my personal value.

How I saved 1000’s of dollars on clothes for my kids | Saving forests by Elizabeth Willard Thames. “Our children know that their clothes are used, and I explained to them our philosophy of why we buy clothes (and almost all the pieces else) second-hand.”

Mindfulness for a healthy holiday | Book of Monanock transcription by Ruth Clark. The holidays provide an incredible array of things that may send you right into a downward spiral of unwanted weight gain, bad moods, and exhaustion. The excellent news is that there is lots you may do to regulate what happens through the holidays.

Recently released inspirational videos

10 things it’s best to do away with for the vacations | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Unfortunately, busy and “rush” rarely results in a successful holiday. If you desire to benefit from the holiday season more this 12 months, start by removing these ten things.

35 gifts your kids will always remember | YouTube by Joshua Becker. “You give little whenever you give out of your wealth. It’s only whenever you give of yourself that you simply really give.” — Kahlil Gibran

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