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Inside an Arnold Schwarzenegger super fan’s abandoned mansion

Shocking photos take you to the abandoned and dilapidated mansion of superfan Arnold Schwarzenegger, situated in an undisclosed area in Ontario, Canada.

The photos are taken by an urban explorer photographer who uses only his first name, Dave, for legal reasons.

Filming abandoned places stays an act of trespass.

In the home, which had been untouched for nearly three a long time, several magazines were placed on display with the beefcake Schwarzenegger on the duvet.

Dave estimates that the property has not been occupied since across the Nineteen Nineties, as indicated by a 1990 calendar and 1987 Pink Floyd concert tickets.

Nearly $40,000 value of motorcycles were also left within the destroyed house. Three of the 4 bikes are Kawasaki brand.

Degraded living space.
Degraded living space.
Muscle magazine with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cover.
Muscle magazine with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the duvet.
Inside another warehouse with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Inside one other warehouse with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Three motorcycles were abandoned.
Several motorcycles have been abandoned.

The photos show one other bike was in the midst of a handy job when the home was abandoned.

“This place is an actual death trap and is probably the most dangerous places I even have ever visited,” Dave said in an announcement on his website: freactography.

The structure of the home, ceilings and partitions have collapsed, and mold and dirt have gathered around it. Notably, one photo shows the home’s kitchen with cupboard doors ripped off, a ceiling where tiles have fallen off, and a grimy floor. The ceiling within the living area has already collapsed and the ground can be covered in dirt and debris.

Meanwhile, little is thought in regards to the owners or how they got here to depart the property.

“If you might be ever in the realm, avoid this scary place in any respect costs,” added Dave.

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