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Explore these Lesser-Known Tourist Attractions in London

London is a well-liked tourist destination and attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers from everywhere in the world yearly. They throng to see the sites and spectacles stretching across the town. Their London itinerary will take them to Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens, Big Ben and more. An issue for a lot of who’ve been to London before or simply do not like crowded tourist attractions. is that these hotspots could be unbearably crowded and overcrowded. Therefore, we’ve got prepared a listing of lesser-known attractions and curiosities to your next visit to London!

Museum of London – less known attractions

An interesting visit is the so-called London Museum, which, unlike the Natural History Museum and the British Museum, focuses solely on the history of the town itself. This gives a novel perspective of the capital. You will travel back in time to learn the way London developed over several thousand years.

This is a must-see for history buffs. It permits you to look behind contemporary tourist attractions to the true heart and history of the capital. It’s not removed from the Barbican metro station. However, there can be a change of location in the following few years, so get there while you possibly can!

Lesser known London – The Cutty Sark

For all sailing enthusiasts, the Cutty Sark is a superb monument to go to. A legacy of British and world history, the Cutty Sark was the fastest tea clipper (ship) ever built. It now stands proudly in Greenwich for all to see. Ships like these were chargeable for bringing tea and other luxury goods from the East within the nineteenth century. As such, they played a significant role in the event of today’s society. Climb aboard this historic ship and learn something interesting about life on the seas.

The Cutty Sark - London's lesser-known attractions
Cutty Sark – Photo by Terry from Pixabay

Kensington Palace – a substitute for Buckingham

Everyone knows Buckingham Palace, but Kensington Palace is a substitute for visit in case you’ve already seen the previous or do not feel like fighting in a crowd. It is situated near Buckingham Palace and can be a royal residence where you possibly can walk around the attractive corners Kensington gardens and revel in the improbable view of the palace. Who knows, you would possibly even catch a glimpse of some royalty.

Shakespeare’s Globe – London off the beaten path

A culturally significant attraction on the south bank of the Thames is Shakespeare’s Globe. It is a type of reconstruction of the theater where William Shakespeare wrote and staged his plays. It’s an enchanting structure to walk around, but on the suitable days you possibly can even see performances there.

Shakespeare's Globe - lesser known attractions in London
Shakespeare’s Globe – Photo by RGY23 from Pixabay

Victoria and Albert Museum

Another museum price visiting that provides something different from the more popular ones is the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is itself world-famous for its art collections, projects and performance art. The collection spans over 5,000 years of art and design, and admission is free, making it great value for money!

There are many other attractions within the capital that supply something different. You still can check places to remain in Waterloo and other popular areas to get that London energy and vibe, but you then can transcend the crowds of tourists to seek out your individual slice of enjoyment. Happy planning!

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