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Dwarf Fortress mods will allow you to milk the cats

It’s only been two weeks since Dwarf Fortress launched on Steam, and Dwarf Fortress mods are already piling up within the Steam Workshop like logs in a pile of wood. While many add a pleasant quality of life improvement, others have gone straight for the quirky and wacky, with mods that allow dwarfs to make furniture out of cheese and, unfortunately, milk cats.

There are a number of things you must know should you’ve never played Dwarf Fortress. First of all, the cats on this colony management game enjoy a special pride amongst the various animals that may grow to be a part of your fortress. Cats can’t be adopted, like dogs or chickens – they need to select a dwarf with whom they wish to bond.

The second major element is how Dwarf Fortress handles dairy operations. You create milking orders from the farm workshop and the dwarves by default check if any animals can be found for milking, bring them to the bucket workshop and fill the bucket with milk. The Mod for Milkable Cats provides cats for this process. We haven’t yet been capable of test whether this has a negative effect on cats’ feelings towards dwarfs.

Milk might be used to make cheese within the Dwarven Stronghold, similar to in real life. Cheese is beneficial since it is a food that might be kept for some time. with Mod for making cheese, craft dwarves can use the kitchen workbench to make furniture out of any cheese you’ve gotten in your pantry. Cheese chairs, cheese tables, and even cheese carving masterpieces – in reality, the type you will find on the Wisconsin State Fair.

There are also many more available. There are mods for playable orc and kobold civilizations, trainable war possums and even a complete conversion mod called Vvardenfell which brings Dwarf Fortress to the Elder Scrolls universe.

Mods have all the time been the lifeblood of PC gaming, and our list of the most effective PC mods includes a few of the most historic and essential mods ever created.

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