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The Online Dating Expert’s Guide to Handcuff Season

Get ready for cuff season

Hello October! The fall season is here, the times are getting shorter and it is time for the “Cuffing Season”.

If you have not heard of Cuffing Season, it’s that point of 12 months, often from early fall to Valentine’s Day, after the summer romances have faded. The weather is cooler and singles resolve to search out their companion to change into exclusive for the large holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day.

In the primary week of October, the leaves begin to fall and Halloween costumes appear in stores. This is the time when singles need to connect and couples resolve to define their relationship (DTR) as exclusive.

Cuff season defined

Urban Dictionary defines “cuff season” as:

“Usually cooler months; i.e. autumn or winter, when recent relationships begin and old ones turn into engagements. Individuals in these relationships are “chained”, meaning they now not seek non-Platonic relationships with others.”

For those that are lonely, do not be surprised if an past love reappears, even when it was someone who roasted you and disappeared like Casper.

During Cuffing Season, you may see singles process old text messages on their phones, revisit matches on Tinder, Bumble, and dating apps, and recent singles register on dating sites to start out or resume a relationship.

5 ways to search out a brand new relationship during handcuff season


The change of seasons is a probability for a lot of to start out over, especially for those left alone through the pandemic. With that in mind, use these five strategies as a part of your digital dating system.

  1. Accept invitations to parties and business meetings and begin meeting people in IRL.
  2. Send someone an audio message within the app so that they can hear the sound of your voice.
  3. Refresh your mobile and online dating profiles with updated photos and a brand new bio.
  4. Connect with people you discover interesting on social media who claim to be single.
  5. Flirt on Instagram and TikTok, and chat on DMs on social channels.

So if you should kiss that special someone under the mistletoe this Christmas, don’t wait until November or December to deal with love.

As a dating and relationship expert and coach, I encourage you to take the covers off your head, come out with a giant smile and be approachable because this may be an exciting time for love. Sipping hot candy or hot chocolate by the hearth is a visible it is advisable to take part in.

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Happy handcuff season.

I wish you plenty of love and joy in cyberspace or wherever you appear. xo

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