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Report: 46% of Workers Plan to Get a New Job in 2023

Job freezes and layoffs are on the rise, with some tech giants like Amazon admitting the cuts will extend into next yr. However, despite the slowdown in hiring across many industries and looming economic uncertainty, many staff are planning to go away their jobs anyway.

According recent report from consulting firm Robert Half, 46% of pros are currently on the lookout for a brand new job or plan to accomplish that in the primary half of 2023, up from 41% six months ago. The data comes from over 2,500 respondents across industries from marketing to finance.

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Courtesy of Robert Half

“The noise around job freezes and layoffs at some corporations didn’t appear to worry staff – many are as confident about their profession prospects as they were six months ago,” Paul McDonald, Robert Half’s senior executive, said within the report. “The job market stays tight and professionals are curious to explore recent and more rewarding profession paths.”

The most certainly to alter profession in the beginning of 2023 are people aged 18-25 (60%), followed by human resources specialists (58%) and employees who’ve been working of their company for 2-4 years (55%) .

The foremost reason why professionals are on the lookout for recent positions is higher salary (61%), which definitely ranks first, followed by higher perks and advantages (37%).

The fight for talents is probably not slowing down either. According to the report, the highest three reasons candidates reject a position are unclear or unreasonable job responsibilities (56%), poor communication with the hiring manager (50%), and inconsistency with the corporate’s culture and values ​​(36%).

Courtesy of Robert Half

“The employment landscape is changing day-to-day and it’s going to be interesting to see how the following few months play out,” McDonald said within the report. “No matter what happens, employers cannot take their foot off the pedal in relation to constructing trust and engagement with existing employees and making a positive experience for prospective employees.”

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